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Friday, 3 January 2014

Mandala Healing...

Three months ago today I had a hysterectomy. It was not what I had expected. For some unknown reason I expected it would be easy. Don't worry, I am totally fine, I'm referring to the time following the operation - the recovery. I believed I would not take the suggested six weeks to recover, that I would, within just a couple of short weeks, be up and about as if nothing had happened.

Of course, I was totally wrong.

My belief that I would recover at a greater pace than anyone before me, that I would be back at my studies within two weeks, that having someone at home with me for the first week, was really more for company and entertainment than a requirement... was all wrong.

I spent 4 nights in hospital and then my partner Tony collected me and took me home. My healing was slow. And at times painful. I was exhausted. I slept long hours, got out of bed with my body aching, then slept for much of the day on the couch. I could barely walk for any distance and when I did venture out, I did so at a snails pace. Tony was amazing. He looked after me every minute of the first week - until he returned to work for a holiday! And even then, he would come home each night and cook and clean and pick up after me.

The six weeks they told me I would need to feel even remotely back to normal was, funnily enough, as they advised. Seems they did know more than I did in these matters! They were not exaggerating.

I had big plans for my down time. Art. Writing. Catching up on some school work. Seeing friends. Going out for coffees. Learning a language. Reading. Watching endless movies. But truth be told, apart from a few visits from friends, I managed very little.

I started my first mandala the day of my operation, with big plans to do more. I had a book I wanted to fill. But it wasn't until ten days later that I finally had the energy to come back to it. For the next three months my mandala book became a big part in healing and my journey back to health. It was what I reached for when I was under strict orders to rest but had enough energy to concentrate. And once I was feeling better, I continued to reach for it as a daily ritual. And today, three months after my hysterectomy, I completed the last mandal in my healing mandala book. Forty-eight in all.

I am happy to say, I am feeling so much better than I did this time three months ago. Each week I have improved and I am now ready to face a healthy 2014 with energy and enthusiasm. With thanks to my friends and family for checking in, with big big thanks to my gorgeous man and with deep thanks too to my mandalas, as each one of them created a link in the path to health and wellbeing.