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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Could it be me in National Geographic? The question finally answered...

Many moons ago, way back in October 2009, I wrote a post about a chance event where I stumbled upon a copy of a National Geographic from 1991, that was especially significant to me. It's amazing that I found it really, given it was amongst so many others that dated as far back as 1967!

The chance of finding such a treasure in so many magazines was quite remarkable, and yet the title on the spine just happened to catch my eye and I was drawn to it. I call it a treasure, because not only was there an article in that particular issue that covered a journey along the Zaire River that I had taken myself in 1989, but I suspected that (perhaps) I may have actually been in one of the photos.

It was an exciting prospect. And within days I had sent an email to the photographer Bob Caputo via his website and waited eagerly for his reply.

And waited...
and waited...
and (yes, you guessed it)... waited some more.
And no reply came.

Some months later, I revisited the search and eventually tracked him down on facebook, and sent him a message there too. Not surprisingly (I don't think he is a consistent FB user) I still didn't hear from him.

Then just the other night, when it came up in conversation, a friend said not to give up the search and suggested I try twitter. That night, I did as she suggested - but once AGAIN with no luck.

However, re-motivated I returned to his website to see if there was anything new... and there was a new link to another website (a collaboration with another photographer) and so I went to take a look... Seemed it was quite recently updated and quite active too, and so, I found the contacts page and sent another message.

And I waitied.

But this time, the wait was rewarded with a reply less than 9 hours later! How exciting! Bob sent me a greeting and (having read my previous post) finally answered the question that I had been eagerly awaiting!

Could it be me in National Geographic?

Hi Jacinta
Thanks so much for the email - sorry I didn't get the earlier ones you mentioned. Glad you could track me down.
Sounds as if you had a really wonderful time in Africa. I enjoyed reading your blog. Sadly, it isn't you in the photo of the boat on the Congo (or Zaire at the time). I made the trip (twice) in 1990, and both times went the other direction - from Kinshasa to Kisingani. Sorry about that. I'm sure that if we'd been on the same boat we would have met.
Really nice to hear from someone who made that trip. As you said, it is very hard to explain to anyone who hasn't been on the boat. Those trips were definitely high points of my travelling life.
Thanks again for getting in touch.

Yours, Bob

Well, I can't say I'm not disappointed, because I am. How incredible it would have been to actually be in a photo in a magazine that has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. A publication that was no doubt instrumental in developing my curiosity and love for other cultures and the natural world.

Nevertheless, it's still a beautiful article that brings to life the very same trip I took in 1989, at the innocent age of 21. It was an incredible journey then, and now even more so, because I can reflect on it whenever I wish by opening the pages of the November 1991 National Geographic, reading the article and gazing at the magical photography of Bob Caputo.

Thanks Bob.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Love one another...

Love one another and you will be happy. 
It's as simple and as difficult as that.
Michael Leunig

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Happy Birthday One Little Acorn...

It's my bloggy birthday today!
I am 4 years old!

Yes, FOUR!

Four years ago today I published my very first post! Since then I have published 442 more (this being my 444th).

It's a nice round number isn't it, 444? For 4 years!

For many bloggers, I'm guessing that's not much, but I'm ok with that. Sure, I would like to blog more, but life is busy. Besides, that's 111 posts each year of blogging, which is 2 posts a week on average. That's not bad. Not bad at all.

Happy Birthday OLA!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Magical Melbourne...

I grew up on the coast of Victoria, about an hour and a half from Melbourne. As a child, going to the city was always a special occasion. I was lucky that my parents loved the arts and I remember visiting the National Gallery of Victoria and running my fingers through the water that ran continuously down the waterwall at the Gallery's entrance arch, and lying on the floor under the spectacular Leonard French stained glass ceiling in the Great Hall.

It was here I first gazed in wonder at the art of Australian and international artists. Where I was introduced to Jackson Pollock, Arthur Boyd, John Brack, Tom Roberts and Sidney Nolan. And the thought provoking paintings of Frederick McCubbin. Artists and paintings I revisit to this day.

Nowadays I am lucky and grateful to call Melbourne my home. I live withing 6kms of the city and often walk there to take a look around on a weekend. Now there is even more to entice me into the city, on the basis of arts alone. Federation 'Fed' Square, Melbourne's active street art and many many independent galleries hidden in city side streets and lanes... are all waiting to be explored.

Degraves Street is a perfect place to meet friends or hang out by yourself, and if you want something a little more subdued, 'The Journal' is a favourite of mine (they do an awesome chai).

Flinders Lane, Degraves Street and the Nicholas Building are a great place to start if you want to find a few hidden treasures, or a great place to grab a coffee (or chai) and just soak up the atmosphere. There are any number of indoor and outdoor caf├ęs to relax and watch the world go by.

What a great city we have just waiting to explore. So, to anyone who lives here, or has been to Melbourne as a visitor, I'd be interested to know... what do you love about Melbourne? Any hidden treasures you'd care to share or recommend for a visit?

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Facebook. Love it or hate it, it sure is funny sometimes...

This was posted by a friend this week on facebook... you may well have seen it already, but I just HAD to share it here. Totally hillarious!

Oh, and to the moron who accused the "Words for Friends" FB page of being Big Brother because they asked a question about how often you play the game... I think you're a little late with your concerns. I think you joined the Big Brother network the day you signed up for FB.

Don't want Big Brother watching you? You might want to stay off the internet all together. Aye aye aye.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Day three - where's the life-raft?

I had that feeling today like I'm swimming as hard as I can, but drowning despite my efforts.

It's day 3. 
It's a new job.

New rules.
New people.
New ways of doing things.
My expectations are high.

It's such a terrible feeling though, not knowing what I am doing... having to ask question upon question. Where assumptions are made that explanations are not required or verbal briefs are enough, when often they are totally inadequate.

I am missing the comfort and ease of my old job, but I know this is right. I know it takes time to settle in. This is change for the better. And this feeling is all about doing something new and being challenged.

And yet, I hate that feeling of gasping for air.
Shouldn't I be doing an easy backstroke by now?