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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Just call us the drought busters...

This Saturday, a friend and I are scheduled to take part in a walking tour of Melbourne Street Art. This is the third time now that we have tried to do the tour, as the first two times have been cancelled due to horrendous weather... the first time it was called to a halt one hour in as we couldn't get to some of the areas due to flooding.

Now this is a tour that is advertised as going ahead, rain, hail or shine...

Of course, drought breaking rains and flash flooding were never part of the disclaimer. Could it possibly cancelled a third time? Surely not...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Shree Ganesh, Melbourne Street Art...

This beautiful street art is by the Melbourne born artist Deb.
Make sure you go visit her website Day of the Deb to see more of her amazing work. And thanks Deb for dropping by and saying hello.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Bleeding heart...

So I am over my little tantrum about the weather yesterday, though I think I should say, there was a little bit if frustration involved too... Let me explain.

When I got back from OS, I caught up with a girfriend and she told me she had bought us both a walking tour of Melbourne Street Art. It was an amazingg gift and we organised our dates and spent the next few weeks looking forward to it.

Along comes the day of teh tour (Saturday 2 weeks ago) and the weather forecast is dreadfull. No worries, we are assured, the tour goes ahead rain, hail or shine (which given Melbourne's reputation could all happen in the course of one day!)

The tour started at 1:30. At precisely 1:25 the rain began.

But we were troopers and so off we went, met our guide and the other tour members and we started in Melboure's Hosier Lane. For those of you who know Melbourne, you probably also know this lane has the most incredible and everchanging graffiti.

The rain started in earnest right there. And it didn't let up. We tried to take shelter, but it was a street art walking tour afterall, so there really wasn't much escape. By the time they pulled the pin (1 hour in) the rain was so heavy, it was raining on the inside of my umbrella! We were all wet up to the knees and the tour guide (sans umbrella) was soaked.

And so, the whole thing was called off and we resceduled for yesterday. And as the day drew closer, the weather forecast was almost an exact replica of 2 weeks ago... but worse! 

And (you guessed it) we went in to start the tour and the rain started, or rather it got heavier. Saturday it didn't really let up at all, it just rained in different drop size... And before we even began, it was cancelled. Again.

Despite our disappointment, in some ways it was a relief, because we already knew the misery of trying to keep going in the rain, and besides, the rain really did make it difficult to take photos!

The photos you will see in posts for the next few days are from the first tour. Hopefully we will be able to reschedule and we will be able to do the tour in it's entirety soon. Some sunshine might be nice too!

In the meantime, enjoy the pics over the next few days, Melbourne Street Art (despite the rain) is alive and well.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Good weather for ducks...

I know I shouldn't complain. I know all this rain is wonderful after years of drought. I know that we need more so that water storages can be replenished. I know the farmers are happy. I know that gardens are lush for the first time in years and gardeners are celebrating. I know all of that.

I know I know I know.

But I don't like the winter.
I don't like the cold.
And I especially don't like it dragging into Spring and Summer, and I especially especially HATE when it is nice for a few days during the week and then so so crappy on the weekend.

When I returned from the USA in late September, I thought the weather would be on the improve. But winter is dragging it's feet. Friday was the first day over 30 degrees so far, AND it was followed by thunderstorms, a huge drop in temperature to 14 degrees, and (yep, you guessed it) more RAIN! Seriously, the rain never stopped yesterday.

It might be good weather for ducks, but not this little duck. This little duck prefers sunshine and blue skies. Bring on the summer now please, enough of winter already.

And yes, I just did an entire post on the weather.
Quack quack!

Friday, 12 November 2010

The wish tree... What would you wish for?

The wish tree at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Imagine Peace...

End each day with thoughts of peace.
Begin each day with thoughts of peace. 
Continue thinking thoughts of peace 
throughout your precious day
and happiness will be yours.

On Remembrance Day, as across the world we pause to remember fallen heroes and reflect on the sacrifices of war, let us also pause to imagine peace. And to live it in our everyday lives.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

More window dressing...

Isn't this AMAZING? This is 'just' another window display in a NYC shoe shop.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Monday, 8 November 2010

The people you meet and the friends you make...

During my recent travels to the States, as well as catching up with old friends and reconnecting with people from long ago, I also had the pleasure of meeting and spending a few days with a blogging friend who I had only met online.

I met Patty online way back in 2008 through our blogs. I remember it was around the time that my brother died of kidney cancer as her husband had kidney cancer too. We made contact at a time when we both needed someone to talk to, when our lives were both in turmoil. Patty's husband of over 10 years Frank, had survived 4 years since his first kidney tumor was removed, though when we met, the cancer had returned and it was stage 4 and she was his full time carer.

He lost his fight and died on February 28th this year. Throughout this time, we have checked in on each other, emailed, visited each others blog and even exchanged snail mail. And so, when I told her I was heading to the States, she booked flights to NYC at the time that we would be there and we spent 3 days together exploring the sights.

It was nice to hang out, to see the sights, to explore NYC together and to meet face to face. It was odd not only meeting Patty in person, but spending 3 days (and nights) together in NYC, and I have to admit, there were some people who thought it was a bit crazy. But it was great fun and we had a ball! And she was not a psycho-killer or stalker!

Patty has two blogs. One is a crafting blog (Midwest Knit Girl), and the other one (My Cancer Hat) talks about her life as carer (and loving partner) of her husband during the cancer treatment.

She no longer posts to My Cancer Hat which was her chance to speak about her and her husband's lives with cancer from the carer's perspective, though it is still active if you would like to visit.

So, Patty was a treat to meet and full of energy and fun. We never stopped for the entire time we were in NYC together and it was lots of fun. She even sat in as lead news reader on the NBC tour! 

And just this Friday, as a halloween treat, I received a package of American candy... I have been on a sugar buzz the entire weekend (notice I have managed to post each day!)

Here we are - Patty, me and my Mum in bright sunshine on the ferry, bound for the Statue of Liberty!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Etsy + Strong Aussie dollar = irresistible temptation

I have been eyeing off this style of bracelet for aaaages.

What can I say? They are a bit quirky and bit old style... AND they incorporate my love of all things type.

In any case, with the Australian dollar as strong as it is, and Etsy just so damned accessible, well eventually I was going to get my act together...

And so, after a lot of trawling, I found Sue at HauteKeys selling these great custom-made bracelets, made from vintage typewriter keys and I knew the time was right.

I made my purchase, she emailed me a few options/combinations of keys, I made my decision, and a little under 3 weeks later my bracelet arrived.

And I LOVE it. Cool huh?

Saturday, 6 November 2010

I love snail mail...

I have had an amazing week of lovely things arriving in the post... special things. Things that I will post about (I promise) in the next few days.

Etsy goodness.
A book.
A favourite magazine.
Candy all the way from the States.
Tricks and treats.

And whilst I am grateful that this little guy avoided all my wonderful post, I wish he had managed to eat a few of the bills that arrived this week too!

Friday, 5 November 2010

What do you see?

It's important to keep your eyes open... and your mind.