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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Paint your own Matryoshas...

As promised I contacted Vera who I bought the Paint your own Matryoshas Russian nesting dolls from on Ebay. She has more and can be contacted via Ebay. Her Ebay ID is: muitasovelhas.

If you click on this link you will go to her listing... good luck. I bought one set and then contacted her to ask for two and the postage was the same.

Also Lilli Boo was googling and found this link to the "Matryoshka Store" that sells them online. You might want to check prices, I think the ones I got were slightly cheaper, but definitely worth a look! There is also a shop in one of the arcades (Block Arcade) in Melbourne that sells them! Thanks for the suggestions Lilli Boo!

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Lilli boo said...

Hey that's fine for the link. I have as alot of people have also been - inspired by seeing the dolls in your handbag...bet you never thought you'd receive such a response! and then I remembered about the Block Arcade (from a previous life working as an Account Executive in the city-long and boring story) so there you go...by the way I loved you post on you Mum..gorgeous...
cheers, Elizabeth