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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Word Verification Interpretation...

Is it just me, or does anyone else have issues with word verification?

I have a ridiculous amount of trouble with word verification when posting comments on blogs. It is not unusual for me to have to try a few of times before I finally get it right. I have even lost comments when I screwed up too many times! (By the way, if my comment on your blog lacks wit, the first one was better!)

Maybe it is my eyesight. Maybe it is my typing (a high possibility). Maybe it is because some of the letters just seem to blend into one another. Whatever it is, I really don't know. I just know there are days when I struggle to get it right.

BUT. Something has changed.

Has anyone else noticed that lately they have become easier?

Some almost read like real words.

And mostly I have managed to get them first time. Ha!

Oh and some are just a little bit funny.
I just had to add this one... a giggle for all the 9 year old boys who drop by my blog!

And finally. Do you believe I have just created an entire post on this subject?
Good grief.


justrun said...

I love when it makes real words. For instance, the one I'm looking at right now: melies

Interesting, no?

BigCat said...

Oh I have trouble too. Some times I'm sure I have it right and it still rejects it. I have noticed some easier words but for this comment they've given me glyaref. Not nearly as fun as rootsies!

trashalou said...

that ios too funny. I love how when you cock up the word verif it gets more simple with each subsequent attempt.

I usually end up with the absolute idiot version. Sometimes I swear I can hear Phil & Bob (the two guys who pedal the bikes that make blogger work) laughing about the stupidity of 'this one', ie me!

You could try turning on the audio version - now that IS funny!

little red hen said...

I've had a couple of words that almost relate to the topic like ... gosh I can't think of an example but I know it's been amusing me(small things!) The other thing I sometimes do is make up meanings for the almost words. The one I have now is nousti- having or posessing nous... I am easily amused!

cloud9 said...

You hit the nail right on the head with this post. And yes, I can believe it that you made a whole topic out of it! Those word verification thingys (hereafter only to be known as WVT)drive me insane! But! I also have laughed and laughed at some of the sillier ones. I seem to recall a titup and a knobsie and the like which make it slightly less annoying, he he! (I have the mentality of a nine year old boy!)xx ps the one below is mites ha ha xx

Sherrin said...

yes! I was thinking this just yesterday. I came across some pearlers... for this post it's 'pribta'

Lilli boo said...

Yes, Yes I can! I have thought about this recently too, thinking maybe my brain can't work out these cryptic letters and on the third go asking myself Why? but I'm not alone..and for this post..I thank you! and I do believe they have got easier too! Like the word verification I have for having my comment published! INGIN

handmaiden said...

yes i am with u, sometimes it cantake me 3 times to get it right..but they seemed to get easier the more times I got it wrong....as though it knew I was finding it hard.

Sharon said...

Yes! I always get it wrong too! I thought it was just me!:0)

flossy-p said...

I HAVE noticed the almost words, and how much easier it's made it all. I too have always had trouble with those, especially with that curly font where the W, V and U all look the same.

p.s. renessi (that's what I'm about to type in)

Loz and Dinny said...

I seriously get a kick out of those wee cryptic words too! I love that you have written a post about it! Genius!