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Thursday, 25 June 2009

No sugar for a month? Who's bright diea was THAT?

Call me crazy, but I decided to have no sugar for a
month. No sweets, no lollies, no cakes, desserts, biscuits, cookies, no
fizzy drinks. Of course I knew I couldn't avoid all sugars, but I have
declined any offers on theafore mentioned goodies.

It sounded
like a great idea at the time. Of course, these things always do sound
better in ones own heads. I have no-one but myself to blame.

it has not been easy. I am a person who includes chocolate in the major
food groups. And here at day 25, it seems harder than days 1, 2 and 3.
Right now, all I want is chocolate. Forget the cakes etc, I'm not
really bothered. But chocolate is infiltrating all my thoughts.

night I even dreamed I ate chocolate. And as I was half way through I
realised what I had done. I even felt guilty! And this morning I woke
up wanting it even more.

Roll on next Wednesday... July 1st is chocolate day!


Umatji said...

I love your typo in the title - for me die would need to be in the same sentance as 'so sugar for a month'! I can't remember the details but I think research showed that if you eat a small amount of chocolate every day you actually consume far less in general than if you 'hold off'. I recommend starting off with high quality! I always find that I eat more of the cheaper stuff and less of the expensive stuff - mind you these days it is hard to tell! Enjoy chocolate day and well done! Do you feel 'cleansed'?

Umatji said...

that would be 'no sugar' rather than 'so sugar' another amusing typo!

justrun said...

Good for you! Not being a chocolate lover (or even liker, I know, I know) I don't understand. But good for you!
Also, "lollies" is such a cute word. :)