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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Today is the 31st of February...

Today is the 31st of February... well according to my clock it is anyway.

And the fact that it's taken me until after 8pm on Thursday March 3rd to realise I need to change the date on my clock, is a pretty good indicator of me losing track of time the last few days... Somewhere I lost the beginning of the week.

Last weekend I visited Mal and Marion in Mirboo North where Mal opened the doors of his photographic gallery Ridgway Studio for the first time. Exciting times, and it was great to see him get excited and nervous and be proud of his work.

The sun shone and the day was a success. It was fun to hang out and help get the last bits done (though in truth I didn't do much, as it was pretty much done anyway!) It was lovely to catch up with Marion and visit with Nino, Elvis and Pixel, and share drinks with their neighbours at the end of the day.

And then, in the dark hours of Sunday morning I was hit with some sort of gastro bug, which saw me wave my goodbyes and head home early Sunday morning. So I was home and in bed by midday where I spent most of the next two and a half days.

As a quick aside... to anyone who might have the same (stupid) idea as me... Mc Donalds on the road trip home does not prove to have any curative effect (surprise surprise!) It never makes me feel any better when I feel good - why should it when I already feel crap? Whatever was I thinking? Anyway... be warned.

So. Until Wednesday morning when I returned to work, I left the house for 3 things only.
A visit to the doctor.
A walk to the local 7-11 for bread and dry ginger.
A short walk to the letterbox late Tuesday evening undercover of darkness.

It goes without saying... being sick sucks.
Being sick and single, sucks even more.
There is no-one to moan to, or to cook you toast with vegemite.
There is no-one to turn off the telly when you can't be arsed to get up and do it yourself.
There is no-one to turn out the light at 2pm when you're on the verge of an afternoon nap and the light hurts your eyes.
There is no-one to check on you, or rub your back, or get you a drink.
Or just be there.

Despite my miseries and whining about my single status, I am now fine and feel safe to venture more than 50 meters from the nearest amenities!
It's made me grateful for...
My (generally good) health
A decent stock of toilet paper
Skype with Mum and Dad
Friends who offer to drop off supplies and send me random sms messages to check in on me
My heavenly bed
My iPhone
A couple of favourite DVDs
and Aloe vera tissues (No I didn't have a cold, but the tissues were a godsend!)

To the people who invented aloe vera tissues, please take note - there is a definite market for aloe vera toilet paper. It's a serious contender for invention of the year. Seriously. Do it.


I for one will buy some and have it tucked away for special occasions!


Umatji said...

arg - sounds dreadful but you could have cornered the market for the posh loo paper though so that could be a rewarding break through? Glad you are feeling better. We have all been suffering with cold flu business and suffering in company does have its benefits and short falls. Hope the healing continues.

Nikki said...

Get well soon!!!

Nicky said...

Oh no, the gastro bug sounds awful! Hope you are fully recovered soon.

Malcolm Garth said...

Sorry to hear that you got sick! Sorry to say we didn't...

Thanks for your help.

Must say that the word verification is: fookedl

Which is probably how you felt when you left? :P

meli B said...

It had never occurred to me that there are no rules as to where the aloe vera tissues could be applied. Thanks for the tip off and hope you are feeling better.

Red Hen (dette) said...

Oh I hear you sister! I was doing exactly the same here on the west coast! I wish I had some of those aloe vera tissues. And being sick and single does suck but it's even worse when you are sick single and a mother of little children who still need looking after! Thank goodness mine are big now and can look after their mama a bit...and I'm not so single anymore.
Glad you are feeling better!

Catherine * The Spring said...

That does sound dreadful, but your wall clock is adorable!
- Catherine at The Spring