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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Closed for business? No way!

I'm not closed for business... quite the opposite. I know it's been over a month since I last posted and there is lots to catch up on, so let me at least begin.

The new job is not so new any more. And whilst there's been a lot to learn and it's taken me a while to settle in, the feedback has been good. I'm doin ok. Mostly. Unfortunately (whilst I think I am doing a good job) I am not enjoying the work particularly. Try as I might, I cannot be inspired. At best it is tedious. At worst, mind numbing, frustrating, uninspiring. It is not my dream-job for sure. 


The great thing about my new job, is it's closer to home, and I am now working 7.30am - 3.30pm, which I love love love. The combination of the hours and the location, means that if I head straight home, I arrive home TWO hours earlier than I used to from my old job. Yes, TWO entire hours! 

And THAT is the clincher. THAT is the payoff. THAT is what keeps me getting up and going to work each day (at least for now). And in the absence of enthusiasm for my work, I have been using my 'bonus' hours to redress the work/life balance somewhat.

So with all this additional free time, why haven't I been blogging? Dropping by and leaving comments? Why have I been so silent?

Well... I have been trying to use this time constructively to do more (other stuff) that I want to do... more writing... more art... more creating... 

I have started writing my book. I have chatted with a few select people about it to get some constructive feedback. I have been journalling. I have been doing a bit of painting. And drawing. I even picked up, tuned and strummed my guitar last week. I have been out on my bike. I have been making the most of the gorgeous autumnal sunshine and sitting in the park with a favourite magazine. I have been watching TED video's and being inspired. Listening to podcasts and audio books while I 'work'. I have been to the movies. And I have done a bit of a clear out. I have walked on the beach.

And whilst I need to do more of the above (and certainly more blogging), at least I am doing SOMETHING.
So no, I am not closed for business... quite the opposite.


Nicky said...

Glad to hear it! Also glad to hear that even if your job isn't perfect, that it does bring you much happiness by way of your work-life balance. Your working hours are much like mine. I do have an hour long commute to get to work, and then home again, but even so, I am home by 5pm & especially now that our days are longer as we draw into summer, it helps me be more productive. Great to know that you're writing to. Can't wait to hear more!

Jodie said...

I'm sorry the job is dull but the payoff and the resulting stuff sounds just great !!!

meli B said...

Maybe, after a bit you will find stuff about the new job that does work for you. As much as I could happily never work again, I still get a kick out of some of the things that happen at work, in between the stress and exhaustion. You really do have to love your job because you spend too much of your life doing it!

MW Knitgirl said...

As you noted the upside of not enjoying your job is that huge block of time that's now open for you to do whatever you like. And it appears you're doing just that; good for you!

I personally hope you keep blogging, Cinta, because I've always loved reading your posts. You always include the most beautiful pictures and the humor you inject (when appropriate) never fails to make me smile.

In fact, you're part of what inspired me to get back into it myself recently. Hugs to you!!


Anonymous said...

Been wondering how everyone is doing..Am glad that you are doing well in your creative pursuit..shame about the job.
from Felice