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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Winter beauty...

Here is a picture taken of my Mum in the 50's and beside it a bunch of violets straight from my garden. I picked them a few hours ago and their fragrance has since filled my studio. I am posting them here for my Mum along with a virtual big hug in the hope she feels better this week. She has been sick for 2 weeks now and still not feeling improved.

I wish I could send her their perfume too.
They smell so beautiful.

Get well Mum.
Love you.


Nicky said...

Beautiful image! Hope mum feels better soon!

Lori ann said...

get well dear mum! this is so sweet cinta.

Last Days said...

Aw I hope your mom feels better!
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Mom said...

Hey that isn't much fun. Give your Mom a big hug from me and tell her I am thinking about her. Love to you as well dear Cinta. Sharon