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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Selling my life on EBAY...

It's been crazy busy here for what seems like weeks now. So many things to tell you about, but even though I have potential posts galore, I also know how distracting and time consuming blogging can be.

I miss it and I miss you too, and I will get back to it (and you) soon, I promise.

Because there is news. Lots of news.
Study in the new year, overseas travel departure in the next few weeks, an unsuccessful bid for redundancy, a reshuffle at home, a big clearout, and a new flat mate.

See what I mean? It's BIG.

And because I have just spent the last couple of hours loading stuff onto ebay (and isn't THAT exhausting) I wanted to just drop by and tell you to go take a look. Because you might just find a bargain or two... and there is more (lots more) to come!

I sell under the username onelittleacorn, and there are bargains to be had. Unfortunately anything big/awkward will have to be collected in person and there are Melbourne readers out there who this might suit, but don't despair for those further afield, some things can be posted, so it's not restricted to Melbourne buyers.

To all you Artists out there, wanting to frame up your creations, I have 4 Ikea 70 cm x 50 cm timber edged frames for sale. They are still in their wrapping and currently sell instore for $59 each. In my ebay sale the current bid is $49.99. And that's for ALL 4 in one lot. They are a GREAT GREAT buy. You have 3 days left to grab this deal!

Also, there are Ikea shelves - (you don't even have to assemble them! I've done that for you!) with a current bid of $89.

There are a few vintage bits and bobs and there will be some crafty books to come in the next few days. There is furniture, cds, DVD's, wooden cotton reels, a Dualit toaster, an unused juicer, some lanterns and an old bakelite radio to come.

Everything but the proverbial kitchen sink!
Come one, come all! The fun is just beginning.
(Listing seems to be taking me ages, so there are not a huge amount of things as yet... but check in again, because there will be more added every day).

Here is a link that will (hopefully) get you to all of my listings in one view...


CurlyPops said...

Oh wow, so all completely different to your original plans.
I'm looking forward to hearing about your plans for an overseas adventure!

Nicky said...

Oh, lots going on! Good luck with the sale. Can't wait to hear updates.

Red Hen (dette) said...

Wow, Lots happening. Must be the season for it. I'm selling heaps too (not ebay) but also ordered a mini skip to do a big junk clear out and I have just booked my tickets for europe today- about 7 weeks until I go. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your news when you get time. And no doubt some interesting photos too.
Wishing you a fabulous joyful fun filled holiday.