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Monday, 31 December 2012

It seems I have learned a thing or two in 2012...

SO. It's the last day of 2012.
It's a beautiful sun-shiny day in Melbourne, and apart from the fact I am at work today, it's a good day.
I am looking forward to 2013, and ready to wave 2012 a fond good-bye!

I just revisited my January 2nd post from this year, knowing I made a pile of resolutions I did not meet, and as expected there are some elements of disappointment...

I did not post every single day as I had intended, (in fact today is the first time I have managed to post since SEPTEMBER!), nor did I keep a daily diary (that little plan lasted less than the first few weeks of 2012). I didn't manage to get as much reading done as I had hoped (and I think the pile may be even higher than at this time last year) and the book I am writing is still on the backburner... It was a full full year, and I realised early on I just couldn't keep up with everything, and ultimately, something had to give a little.

BUT! Rest assured, I have squeezed a lot in this year.

I did return to full time study this year (whilst continuing to work full time). I am now one year into a two year Art Therapy Diploma. This time next year, I will be a qualified Art Therapist. And I am love love loving it. I have been graced by the most incredible class mates and a few amazing teachers and found more life-long friends. It makes me happy. The friendships, the art, the creating, the discovery and the growth. What an amazing year it has been, exploring our past and our dreams, and reaching into hidden corners to reveal long lost secrets of the heart and soul. Some dark, others filled with light, just waiting to be released.

Thinking about it, makes me breathe a deep deep sigh of gratitude and awe. And as 2012 closes, I feel a deep sense of gratitude. For my family, for my friends, for my continuing studies and creativity. And as the year ticks by, I have also met someone on RSVP... and so far so good. In fact, really good.

He is a creative.
He is cute.
He makes me laugh.
He is fun and an adventurer.
And he's a damn good cook!

 I had a mini-panic about three weeks after meeting him, and nearly messed the whole thing up by over-thinking everything. But before it all went hay-wire I stepped back, and realised I was panicking about all the wrong things (in fact, mostly MY things), and that I need to breathe and be open minded and (more importantly) open hearted. I turned 45 this year, you'd think I'd have it pretty sorted by now, but alas, it's still a work in progress.

Art therapy has certainly made me more self aware and I welcome that into my life. It seems I have learned a thing or two in 2012, and as I said, it's all going really well, so something is working!

SO. Tomorrow is the first day of 2013.
It's forecast to be another beautiful sun-shiny day in Melbourne, and (especially because I will not be at work), I'm looking forward to another good day.
I am ready to wave 2012 a fond good-bye, and welcome 2013.

I wonder what's in store for us all this year.
May it be filled with health, joy and happiness for us all.
Best Wishes everyone.


Anastasia said...

Oh I don’t make too many resolutions for that reason alone haha but yes reflecting on the past year is a good thing – we all achieve so much but don’t always recognise it and realise it until much later!
Exciting times ahead huh? Goodluck with 2013 and the new relationship! I turn 42 tomorrow and wonder how fast the years have gone by …its all good!
Happy New year!

CurlyPops said...

Congratulations Jacinta and Happy New Year! Sounds like it's going to be a blast.

Old Guy said...

Great to have you Blogging OLA .I really missed you.
For the 1st time in many years I have not purchased a diary. I'd best get one today 'cos there are things that need to be put down... words,pictures, numbers etc
Anastasia! At 75 ,years race along.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jacinta,

A friend told me about your blog the other day. I spent some time catching up on some recent posts including this one. Also particularly enjoyed your 101 things about me (especially items 16 & 64). I found your honesty and willingness to share your feelings and experiences to be inspiring. Good luck with the new relationship, I hope he appreciates what a lucky guy he is.


Mr T