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Monday, 4 November 2013

A year unexpected...

It was my birthday on October 23rd. And for my birthday treat, Tony and I escaped for a five days to the tiny town of Walhalla in Gippsland. It is an old goldfield town in the foothills of the Australian Alps and it is a great place to retreat for a few days. It only got electricity connected in 1998, it has limited mobile phone coverage, very little internet access and with a permanent population of only 16 residents, at this time of year, it is particularly quiet.

And so, as access to the outside world was all but cut, and my phone (and its camera) ran out of oomph, there was time to slow down. Really slow down. And a chance to reflect on the year since my last birthday.

And it's fair to say it's been quite a year. From my last birthday to this, a lot has happened. This time last year, I don't think I could have ever imagined where I would be right now. Life has certainly changed.

In October of last year I met Tony on RSVP (internet dating site) and on November 1st 2012, we met in person for the first time. He has since captured my heart and bought unexpected joy and love into my life. In the last twelve months we have travelled and explored Adelaide, Halls Gap, Bendigo, Walhalla and Ballarat. Not to mention spending many days exploring an enjoying Melbourne too.

In February I was made redundant from the company where I had worked for the last 13 years. In some ways this was a good thing, in other ways, not so good... Since then, I have been working in freelance graphic design and finished art as I continue to look for my perfect job. Finding a part time finished art role that gives me space for my studies and art, all the while working on expanding and moulding my place in Art Therapy, is not an easy task.

In August, I rearranged my home as my flatmate Jason moved out and Tony moved in. It was a crazy time, with Tony selling off much of his furniture and us both embracing the joys of Ebay. And as I anxiously concerned myself with how Tony would fit into my space, he moved in bit by bit, making sure I wasn't having a melt down and carefully arranging as he went. And in the end? It all worked beautifully and we haven't looked back.

And finally (as if there hasn't been enough upheaval during the year), at the beginning of October I spent 4 nights in hospital following a hysterectomy. The last month has been all about recovery and recuperation. I am happy to say, I am finally starting to feel back to my old self again. It's been slower and less comfortable than I had expected and there's still another couple of weeks to go of doctors ordered rest & recovery.

Tony has been amazing. Looking after me and ensuring I didn't do anything I shouldn't... lifting anything heavy, bending to pick things up, housework, driving. Friends have sent messages of love and dropped by to visit, bought bouquets of flowers and bags of chockies, and most importantly, good company and emotional support and love. I am truly blessed.

And whilst you might think I might be slowing down, there is so much to do in the next few months... Throughout this past year I have continued my studies in Art Therapy which has involved attending classes, running workshops, organising placement and completing assignments. I will complete my advanced diploma early next year. 

I'm expecting work to get busier as we head toward the end of the year. In January we will be heading to Hobart to celebrate Tony's 50th birthday. And of course, Christmas is just around the corner... Phew!

How are you going?


Jodie said...

Wow ! what a year and although the health and job stuff is rotten, I am so happy for the other bits.

CurlyPops said...

Gosh what a year! So happy that you've found love and enjoyment. Hope the recovery is going well x

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Wow, that really was a year! It's so wonderful to hear that you have found someone wonderful and I hope that you're now on the mend x

Lesley said...

Wow, my friend. Little did I know what you'd been through just this month alone when I sent you that quick birthday message. I am so glad you're recovering well and I am so glad you have had a great year before and an exciting future to look forward to after. Best wishes to you and Tony!
xoxo from Colorado :)

Jacinta said...

Thanks everyone. I am feeling way way WAY better. This time 5 weeks ago I was in hospital and now I am up and (nearly) running. I have been back to school this week and start back at 2 different freelancing gigs starting next Friday.
Today has been my last 'day off' until early December (excluding weekends), so I am taking it easy and staying cocooned in my home while Melbourne's gloomy Spring weather rains outdoors.
Making the most of it while I can...

Anastasia said...

wow - so much happening in one whole year! You sound so happy and Im thrilled for you.
Hope you are slowly recovering from the operation - sounds like you ahve the support you need! all the very best!

Mom said...

Very mixed emotions when I read your email. So happy that you have found someone to share your life with but sad to hear you have had difficult times as well. Happy to hear you are feeling so much better. Take care and hope you and Tony have a wonderful Christmas and please pass that along to your Mom and Dad as well.