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Friday, 15 August 2008

Flashback Friday...

This is me (again) with my two older brothers. Summer tans and barefoot freedom. Fantastic.

I think it's Lake Eildon in the background. It is pretty full here, but now 35 years later, and after a stretch of years of drought, it is currently at 19% capacity. With 515 km of shoreline, it stores six times as much water as Sydney Harbour at full supply level. That's one hell of a lot of water!

We're going to need a lot of rain to get back to those levels again!


kt mac said...

I can't wait for summer to come back!
hehe love the one shoe off one shoe on thing :)

Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves said...

great shot~

Purple Berries said...

Hey haven't logged into your blog for a while. Amazing that you've reached all those people, do you know them all? I have no idea who reads my blog, I rarely get any comments, which I must admit I crave for a bit. Still it's a good place to share some stuff for all the world to see if they want.

Are you still doing calligraphy.


Hila said...

aww, how cute :)

Bird Bath said...

great flashback....looks like a perfect childhood moment of happiness. My kids love the freedom of running barefoot in summer.