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Friday, 31 July 2009

Spending my weekend in bed with Harry...

A long long time ago... I read the first 5 books of the Harry Potter series. I loved the adventures and lives of the young wizards and witches and waited eagerly for each book to be published. I loved the characters and enjoyed the escape to Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. For whatever reason however, I did not read the final 2 books.

In the penultimate book, it was rumoured one of the favourite characters was going to die (though I did not know which one). And I knew the final 2 books had been read by millions and reviewed and discussed by thousands. I lived my life avoiding all discussions or HP related articles so as to avoid ruining the story. And yet both books remained on the shelf unread.

About 2 months ago now, I decided it was time to complete the series. And I grabbed a copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince from the bookshelf and began. And I read. Slowly. And I struggled to get involved. I am disappointed to say, I found the story dragged. Perhaps I was impatient, but it seemed to me Ms Rowling was determined to draw the story out. I got about a third of the way in and decided I couldn't do it. Her pace was frustrating, there was no enjoyment and eventually I lost interest and abandoned my quest... and waited for the movie.

Not my normal style, but I just could not be bothered. Sorry. To all the fans. To J K Rowling. And to Harry and friends. I apologise. But the movie was the only way I was going to make it to the final chapter. And now I have seen the movie and some more of the final mystery has been exposed and left me wanting for more.

And so as my Friday night precedes a quiet weekend, Harry and I are reunited. I will be spending my time in bed with Harry. Right to the very end. See you Sunday.


Jodie said...

let us know what you think at the end...

alyndabear said...

I am re-reading again, as I seem to have FLOWN through the final book. After watching HP6 a few weeks ago, I can't wait to get back through it & Deathly Hallows, to refresh my memory again.

I love it.

Kat said...

oh wow I did the same thing with this one..still ahven't finished it ..I am a read n one sitting knd of girl too and think thats the problem..maybe I need to book myself a weekend away to read it ..:)

flossy-p said...

Yeah, I find I lose who is who and what they've each done, if I don't read the books close together. The last two especially felt like continuations of the one story rather than 2 separate books.

Glad you made it through somehow though! Enjoy :)

p.s. Word Verification is "nantiff", hehehe, like Nana's having a bit of a fight.