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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Au revoir Harry Potter...

Well, it's done. This morning at around 8am, the final chapter complete, I said my final good-byes to Harry Potter.

As with any good book, as I read the last pages, there was an element of sadness. I have loved him and now it's over. But I was not disappointed. It was a great finale. All the pieces of the puzzle ultimately came together. It was indeed magical.

It's been fun Harry. Thanks for a fantastic tale of good versus evil, full of mystery and adventure. And thanks for a great weekend.


Jodie said...

But did you cry ? I sobbed through the last book and I HATED the little postscripted ending - But I love the HP series....
Do you have a favourite character???

Renee said...

These were one of my favourite series of books.

Wasn't it amazing.

When Jacquie goes to St. Boniface she will be able to go in a wheelchair to spend time with Sheldon and that will be very good.

Love Renee xoxo

Luhlahh said...

I have yet to read a single word of the series. Can you believe it? I must be the only person on the planet not to have.