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Monday, 8 March 2010

And you reckon you had a bad day...

Meet fluffy.
He is a favourite toy of the daughter of my friend K at work.

A few weeks ago, having heard another friend at work was having a bad day, Fluffy was given to her for the day, with the aim to make her day a little brighter. She loves penguins, and Fluffy was greeted with open arms and held close or sat on her desk for much of the day. Fluffy worked a charm and by the end of the day, our workmate was feeling significantly better. Fluffy was returned to K so that her daughter and Fluffy could be reunited for the drive home from child care, with little K none the wiser.

Later as they sat in the back of the car heading home, little K looked at Fluffy with concern and asked: "Why you so sad Fluffy?"

Seriously. She totally seemed to pick up on it.
Poor Fluffy must have had one hell of a day!

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Alyssa said...

Kids pick up on the craziest stuff :)