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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Will you accept a collect call from Barbados?

Tonight there is a $20,000.000 lottery draw.
And I have the winning ticket.
I am sure of it.
And next week, you may well be getting a call...
From here ...
though of course, I won't have to call collect now will I?

Wish me luck!

(The pic is not actually Barbados, as I haven't been there yet, it's another photo from my travels, this time from Egypt.)


Ish said...

Can I come too?
Egypt, Barbados, Timbuktu - I don't care!
I want to come with you.

CurlyPops said...

I have my fingers crossed. Make sure you send me a postcard!

kj said...

this post is so sweet. i hope you win and if you don't i hope you win anyway. :)

i'm glad you will be contributing to renee's book of love. we have put her love letters and stories on a new blog

you can reach me with your story/letter at

if that doesn't go through for some reason, let me know and we'll try something else


Lori ann said...

fingers crossed here, wouldn't that be something? i am ready for a trip too :)

Anju said...

=D You should do a trip around the world! I'd like to win and lottery, quit work and escape into the big open world!