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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I need a holiday...

For months now, I have been talking about taking a holiday. An escape of some sort. I know I have spoken about it before. But I am still here, and my annual leave has barely been touched.

I never wanted to be one of those people that had 2 weeks away each summer, only to begin to plan my next summer holiday, to the same destination, the moment I returned. I wanted to be adventurous. To go to new places, experience new things. Spread my wings and see a new part of the world each time I went away. I had travelled broadly for the 8 years I lived overseas and planned to continue to do so.

As it turned out, it didn't quite go as I had hoped...

It occurred to me just last week, that the last time I took a holiday, a proper, more than one week away type holiday, was January 2007. Before that it would have been a one week trip to Darwin, I think in 2005. Before that, maybe 2003 or even 2002. It's 2010 already!

Seems in avoiding what I saw as 'ordinary', I have somehow managed to go without a decent holiday altogether! What the fuck have I been doing?

For whatever reason, even though a holiday well and truly beckons, I can't seem to make my mind up as to what to do, when to go, or even where to go. There are any number of excuses for not making a decision, most of them in no way logical or sensible. And my passport remains unstamped. The furthest I have travelled in the last 2 years is Canberra, a mere one hour flight from home!

I am driving my friends mad.
I am driving my family mad.
But most of all,
I am driving myself mad.

I have considered...
The UK
New Zealand
A caravan on the coast of NSW (Aus)
A road trip around the coast of Australia
God help me, I have even considered the Gold Coast!
I have considered
Camping in the backyard!
Camping in the front yard!
An artist retreat
A health retreat
A retreat from the world...

Right now, indecision is my biggest problem.

I know it's not a problem of epic proportions.
In fact, I can barely call it a problem.
Not in the true sense of the word.
But I need a holiday.

Help me.


Alan said...

This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.



Breathe Gently said...

UK! UK! (Of course, I am biased, ehehe.)

This trip back to Sydney is totally my "holiday" - I desperately need one!

meli B said...

I'm in your world. Haven't been OS for a holiday since 2001. I have just planned a trip with my 78 year old Mum to Vietnam and Cambodia. She is a bundle of energy so will be great company. I once went to India with Dad for a week to rescue my sister who was in an accident. The time with Dad was very precious and my glimpse of India was amazing. I still can't get it out of my brain. Dad died a couple of years after our trip and I am so glad I had that time with him even though it was a little stressful. My sister has travelled India extensively. Its cheap, knocks your senses out with colour, smell, sights, tastes and noise. Can be a little challenging if you are single but so out of our world that you will really know that you have been away. It will live in your heart forever.

LesleyG said...


flossy-p said...

I know exactly how you feel. Holidays are SO important, and we get stuck in a routine and completely forget to even consider them.

If I were you (because I'd have trouble deciding where to go too), I'd work out when I need/can go, then make a shortlist of places that are good that time of year, then go into a travel agent, and leave the rest to them! At least that way you can't procrastinate too much. And lets face it, no matter where you go, it will be great!

Books often influence where I want to go. Novels I mean...

Read any inspiring books lately?

If we hadn't bought our house, we were going to go west coast USA. Never really wanted to go before, but then I read a good book, and really wanted to go to New Mexico. Anyway, all been put on the backburner for a long time now. :(

How exciting for you though!!!! :D

Jenny said...

I have heard Vietnam is a wonderful special place with lots of untapped untouristy spots and lovely people-good luck deciding-are you a Pisces by chance??:)

Kerry said...

Indecision - it's the worst!
I used to travel a huge amount, it was such a priority when I lived overseas ... but I must agree that in recent years my travels have been far less adventurous!
Wherever you end up going I'm sure you'll love it :)

Luhlahh said...

Don't go to Darwin - those damm crocodiles might getya! You are very welcome to vist me and my ridiculously busy life in Alice Springs....

little red hen said...

Having just returned from thailand I can tell you that you are absolutely right, you need a holiday. I knew I had been stressed out and finding life difficult but it wasn't until I got away that I realised exactly how stressed and in needof a break I was. Thailand was great. I was lucky to have a great travelling partner- a friend of mine for many years, we had similar interests but also accomodated our differences very easily. Thailand was a very, very cheap way to experience some luxury. I would give phuket a miss but check out a place called Hua Hin- a seaside town where the thai people go to holiday. They have recently set up a market- Cicada market for local artists to sell their work and for artists in residence to come an work. I spoke to the artist there at the moment, she is a thai lady who had been painting in new york for 7 tears. We stayed at a little hotel for $50 australian for the room including breakfast. That was $25 each!!! and Massages were about $10 an hour.
Good luck making a choice but do make a choice and go- you deserve it!

little red hen said...

make that 7 years not 7 tears!!!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

If it helps at all, I loved, loved, loved Vietnam and Cambodia. The Man and I are itching to get back to Vietnam. An Artist's retreat sounds fabulous as well.