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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

1 week today...

This time next week, I will be at the airport about to jump on a plane to the States.

Am I organised?
Well, I think so. Sort of.
Mostly. Given that there is still a week to go...
I do have my tickets and my passport and visa sorted.

Am I packed? 
I don't even have a bag yet!
... maybe I'm not so organised afterall.

Am I getting nervous?
Ahhh, yeh, a bit.
Not really a fan of flying.
Just want to get there as smoothly as possible.
And want it to all go well.
And not too fast!

What are my plans?
People keep asking me, and this is my standard answer...
First stop Maine.
Then, maybe...
up to Canada, Nova Scotia, Toronto?
Niagara Falls? Boston? Nantucket? Cape Cod?
Definitely Maine, DC and NYC for sure.
Apart from that... Hmmmm, not totally sure right now, but that's ok, right?

What's the first thing I am going to do?
Sit in the sun and go for a swim in the hotel pool.
I have been told that exposure to sunshine helps the body adjust to the shift in time-zones and helps you recover from the effects of jetlag, so that's high on my priority list. And believe me, I can't wait to soak up some summer sunshine.
Of course, I will have to be careful not to scare the other guests with my untanned skin!

What are you interested in seeing (apart from friends)?
Again, open to pretty much anything, but here are a few things high on the list...
A baseball game (hopefully in NYC)
Central Park, NYC.
Tanglewood 4H Camp, Maine.
The Statue of Liberty from a ferry.
Niagara Falls.
New England coast.
The Northern Lights.
A show on Broadway.
Times Square.
The White House.
Wildlife (of the animal kind)
A chipmunk.
A moose.
A woodpecker... do you know I didn't actually realise they existed until I saw them last time - I actually thought it was just a cartoon character. Seriously. Next I'll be hearing that roadrunners exist too right? They don't exist, do they?

What are you hoping for?
Good weather.
Friends - new and old.
Time out.
A good book.
Easy decisions.
A nice beach.
Good company.
The Northern Lights.
Lobster... mmm.
Good food.

A sunny place to sit and be still.

Am I excited?
You bet I am.
(like you couldn't tell!)


Red Hen (dette) said...

I hope that you get every single thing on your wish list.

Umatji said...

I will live vicariously! keep blogging!

MW Knitgirl said...

Tick tock tick tock...nice picture of the northern lights. :-)

See you soon!

flossy-p said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - too exciting! Your lists sound as close to perfect as can be!

Leni and Rose said...

Oh, it's not long now. This is so exciting! I love that you have just a loose plan - see where the wind takes you!

Lori ann said...

So excited for you! I'm thinking whatever you do it will be wonderful, enjoy it all.

And yes, roadrunners are real and they are cute and faaaaassssst!