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Saturday, 6 November 2010

I love snail mail...

I have had an amazing week of lovely things arriving in the post... special things. Things that I will post about (I promise) in the next few days.

Etsy goodness.
A book.
A favourite magazine.
Candy all the way from the States.
Tricks and treats.

And whilst I am grateful that this little guy avoided all my wonderful post, I wish he had managed to eat a few of the bills that arrived this week too!


Red Hen (dette) said...

I rarely get anything appart from bills in my post any more- including the $2000+ monthly phone bill thanks to my lovesick homesick son!!!!!. I'm waitiing eagerly for a set of good quality lino carving tools to arrive...I've been waiting for weeks!
Hope your bills weren't too bad! I remember reading a self help book back ing the new agey 90's when going through a hippy phase the author proposed that one love bills as it is a recognition of your ability to pay, she said she wrote out the cheques with love and sealed the envelope with thanks and a kiss- this is one lesson I didn't quite master.

Umatji said...

I love post - I am thinking about getting a type writer and starting to write letters again - just so I have the hope that someone might right back!

MW Knitgirl said...

That guy is pretty cool looking - feel free to teach him to eat (and pay) your bills and then migrate him here to my place. :-)

LesleyG said...

Ha! Cute. And snail mail is so fun!