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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Happy Birthday One Little Acorn...

It's my bloggy birthday today!
I am 4 years old!

Yes, FOUR!

Four years ago today I published my very first post! Since then I have published 442 more (this being my 444th).

It's a nice round number isn't it, 444? For 4 years!

For many bloggers, I'm guessing that's not much, but I'm ok with that. Sure, I would like to blog more, but life is busy. Besides, that's 111 posts each year of blogging, which is 2 posts a week on average. That's not bad. Not bad at all.

Happy Birthday OLA!


Old Guy said...

And they have all been wonderfully fitting to the time.
Happy Birthday OLA
Looking forward to MORE, MORE, MORE.

Old Guy said...
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Red Hen (dette) said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday!

trash said...

444 for 4. Am loving the symmetry.
Happy Bloggie birthday.

Luhlahh said...

Happy Blog Birthday Jacinta!
(And thanks for the knitting encouragement - I am going to need it!)

Nicky said...

Happy Birthday OLA! Four years is quite an accomplishment - congratulations! I too love the symmetry of the 444! Maybe for your 6 year anniversary you need to shoot for "666"!

kj said...

your joy about this is so sweet to read and share jacinta. i think i'm hitting five years this month, probably the same number of posts, and i wouldn't give up a moment of it. :)

i imagine our beloved renee is giving you a high five.


LesleyG said...

Happy blogging anniversary! Time flies!

Umatji said...

well done you - hope you made a cake!

Juddie said...

Hi Cinta,

Happy bloggy birthday/444th post! I;m looking forward to the next 444....

Thank you too for your kind words on my post today - it's so lovely to receive words of support from blogland friends. I can't imagine losing a sibling, but I share your sadness, and your treasuring of memories of happiness shared.

thank you again!

xx Juddie