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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Incredible London...

Well here I am, back in the motherland and still a little bit amazed I am here!

Good friends from when I lived here 15 years ago contacted me in July to say they were off to Brazil for a month and offered me and my Mum the use of their flat. Refusal was not an option of course. What an incredible offer.

As you know, I have been here since Sunday... since then I have been jumping on busses into central London and locally, walking heaps, and stopping every now and again to pinch myself. I have been talking about returning for so long now, it still doesn't quite feel real. And yet funnily enough it all feels very comfortable and familiar. Strange.

Mum arrives tomorrow and will take a few days to recover and then we'll be go go go. Mum is keen to do some family history research and the national archives are within walking distance, so that's perfect and London is definitely calling!

We have no set plans, but will spend quite a bit of time in London, galleries, museums, soaking up the atmosphere visiting a few old favourite places, and probably do a few side trips.

We're planning a trip to Aberdeen to visit with friends and hopefully a short break in Barcelona to get some sun and see the Gaudi sights.

No doubt it all sounds rather vague, and it is... But we will make some decisions in the coming days and then prob change them as we go! We head back to Australia via Abu Dhabi on Oct 29, so we have time to be a bit flexible.

I have never been to Barcelona before, so any advice/recommendations would be great.


Red Hen (dette) said...

How lovely to read about your plans- I'm off to paris in 3 weeks for 11 days and then to Barcelona for 3 then off to italy and then to UK, So I will be reading your blog with extra interest to get some travel tips myself- I've never been to Barcelona either! (Nor the UK or France or Italy!)
Enjoy your holiday and good luck to you and your mum with your family research.

one little acorn said...

We'll be in Barcelona from 18-22nd oct. Will we be there at the same time? Fancy a catch up over a plate of paella?
Have a great time on your travels.