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Friday, 7 October 2011

Not everything is cool in London...

Food poisoning is not cool.
Stepping and then standing in front of someone looking at a painting in a gallery is not cool.
Picking your nose on public transport is not cool.
Eating it is definitely not cool.
Singing louder than the performers during a West End show is not cool.
Leaning forward in your theatre seat so that you block the view of the person behind you is not cool.
Having a full on argument with your husband on the tube, with someone sitting between you, is not cool.
Not returning reservation emails is not cool.
Missing a bus and having to wait for another in the rain is not cool.
Blisters on blisters are not cool.
Smothering yourself in perfume and using public transport is not cool.
Littering is not cool.
People speaking at full volume on their mobile phones on public transport are not cool.
Whinging is not cool.


trash said...

The weather however is now definitely cool though.

Eric said...

Ya poor thang!

Nikki said...

Want me to knit you some ruby slippers...?

OLD GUY. said...

These uncool things are found in City of Melbourne too. And in Geelong I believe you can add to your list.But when it punctuates your holiday it is definitely uncool.Let's have sunshine and smiles.

willywagtail said...

Ever heard of Malcolm Fraser?

one little acorn said...

Yes Trash, the balmy weather was good while it lasted. Hopefully we get a few glimpses of the sun in the next few weeks.
Eric... I'll get over it!!!
Nikki... There really is no place like home, but i am still loving visiting London despite my whining!
Old guy (dad)... Never fear, there are many smiles despite the hardships. It's not all nose picking and pushy people!
Willywagtail... Didn't know Malcolm Frazer's London history until now... What the? Funny!
Thanks everyone for dropping by. More updates to come.