101 things about me

Saturday, 21 July 2007

101 things about me...

I have seen this in a few people's blogs and love the idea - it's a great way to find out more about a person. I can't imagine I will have 101 things to share but let me begin and see what happens...
Grab yourself a drink, get yourself comfortable, this may take a while

1. I adore chocolate, milk, white, dark, plain, nutty and licorice, you name it, I'll like it - Oh except for coffee.
2. I have a terrible sense of fashion.
3. I talk to traffic lights as I drive, saying "Please stay green, please stay green..." and when the lights stay green I say thank-you. When they turn red, I reprimand myself for being so crazy.
4. Mornings are my favourite time of day.
5. I was born on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio, but I have more Libran traits.
6. I can't watch scary movies by myself.
7. I would sooner cuddle a puppy or a kitten than hold a baby.
8. "Sunshine on a Rainy Day" by Christine Anu makes me want to sing.
9. I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa, but got sick and couldn’t attempt the final ascent.
10. I think it's important to defend what is right, particularly if it's hurting some-one incapable of defending themselves.
11. I read Gone With The Wind instead of studying in my final year at high school.
12. One of my favourite scents is frangipani.
13. I hated 80’s fashion and it hated me.
14. My favourite European City is Brugge in Belgium.
15. I am amused by wit, but find humour at the expense of others inane and not at all funny.
16. I sobbed so much watching the movie "Gorillas in the Mist" that people in the cinema turned to look at me as the lights came up.
17. I am a terrible liar. If I lie, it's written all over my face.
18. I love pens, paper and coloured pencils, leave me in a stationers or art supply shop and I can entertain myself for hours. Give me a bright pack of post-its, or a special piece of paper and a pen and I am happy.
19. I hate coffee and yet I like Kahlua and Tia Maria - go figure.
20. I believe that what goes around, comes around.
21. I love to go to the cinema alone.
22. I live in a flat in the city, and dream of one day building a straw bale house in the country.
23. When I was 6 I fell into an open fire. My oldest brother Tim pulled me out.
24. Some days I wonder if this may be my last day and I worry that I haven't told people I love them enough.
25. My favourite colour is pink.
26. I faint easily. Once I fainted in a doctors waiting room and when the doctor called for another patient he ignored me lying on the floor.
27. I don’t drink coffee or tea.
28. I hate being late, and I hate being kept waiting. Be warned.
29. I was in a radio ad for the Melbourne Boat Show when I was 12 years old. I don't even like boats.
30. I evacuated down the emergency chute of a plane following an explosion in the cabin as it was about to take off.
31. I hate Culture Club and hope I never hear another one of their songs for the rest of my life.
32. I have 2 older brothers who I love... I was glad I never had a sister.
33. I celebrate the passing of the winter solstice and look forward to Spring with anticipation
34. My first record was "My Sharona" by The Knack.
35. I hated brussel sprouts as a kid and buried some in the garden late at night after my parents went to bed.
36. I get cranky when I am hungry.
37. There was a total eclipse of the sun on my eighth birthday.
38. David Attenborough would be first on the list if I could host a dinner party and invite celebrities.
39. When I am feeling sick, sleep therapy is my best medicine.
40. I drive a Mini Cooper S.
41. "Video Killed the Radio Star" and "Tainted Love" are among my favourite songs.
42. I always thought woodpeckers were a cartoon creation and didn't really exist. When I heard one for the first time (in Maine in America) I didn't believe it. It has a beautiful sound that reaches into the silence of the woods.
43. I don't drink alcohol very often, but I do like banana beer.
44. I would love to write a book, but I can think of nothing to write about except myself. I figure no-one would want to buy it, so why bother.
45. I love anchovies - they are sadly misunderstood.
46. Sometimes I would like to tell people to go away and leave me in peace.
47. I wish I had worked harder at school and cared less about what people thought of me.
48. I always wanted to pierce my nose but didn't because my boyfriend didn't want me to.
49. I sang "Our Lips are Sealed" by the Go-Go's at a Karaoke bar.
50. I was given a beautiful Mirka Mora painting as a gift and the girl in the painting reminds me a little of myself.
51. I learned the piano as a child, but I can’t read music. I remembered it all by heart.
52. I always thought my Mum was great for going grey naturally. I now dye my hair to cover my own.
53. Saturday is my favourite day of the week.
54. I am terrible at sport, and was always picked last for teams at school. Maybe the teachers should have chosen the less talented kids to choose the teams once in a while...
55. I have trouble spelling words with double letters, and yet I love repetition in numbers. I set my alarm for 5:55am...
56. I hang all my clothes facing the same direction.
57. For the life of me, I cannot tell a good joke.
58. My second toe is shorter than my big toe - I have been told this is very strange!
59. I cry at airports. Hello's and good-bye's, it doesn't matter! I even cry watching strangers!
60. I held a tarantula in my bare hands and now feel like I can do just about anything I set my mind to.
61. I wish that I had talked more to my Grandparents. As the time of their death becomes more distant, I miss them more.
62. I sometimes fear that I will not live long enough to do all that I want to do.
63. I imagine many people are getting bored by now and thinking of skipping ahead. I know this, because it's the sort of thing I do. Despite this, I never jump to the last chapter of a book - what a waste of a good journey!
64. Children crying sometimes makes me want to cry. Of course, having them sitting behind me on a plane for 4 hours with their feet digging into my back generates the same response.
65. A friend once told me I was a terrible dancer and I have been scared to dance in public ever since.
66. I hate my job right now.
67. Both of my parents were primary school teachers.
68. When I fly anywhere, I stand at the airport check-in and look around me at all my fellow passengers and worry that we may all perish mid flight. (See number 30)
69. I have lived in Richmond, London and Richmond, Melbourne.
70. I wore braces on my teeth as a teenager and didn't eat lollies for over 2 years. I have made up for it ever since.
71. I used a pendulum and chose the winner in the Melbourne Cup.
72. I eat when I am bored... and when I am happy... and sad... and stressed...
73. One day I want to shave my head. It will probably make my Mum cry. She screamed when my brother Tim shaved his head.
74. I lived in London for nearly 8 years and saw the Queen on my 23rd Birthday.
75. Once I trod on (and killed) a frog and cried with despair and guilt.
76. I like men with shaved heads - thankfully Mal is hair free (apart from some rather woolly eye-brows). Woo hooo! Hubba hubba.
77. I believe that practice makes perfect, but I want to be good now.
78. I am not a runner, but in my dreams I often imagine I am running a marathon.
79. I don’t think I ever want children.
80. At 39, even if I did want children, I consider it's now too late.
81. I love porridge for breakfast with cinnamon and a pinch of sugar.
82. If you littered, I could not help but judge you because of it.
83. "Silent Night" is my favourite Christmas carol.
84. I have been to a white witch to have my fortune told.
85. I convinced a camper (at Tanglewood 4H Summer Camp in Maine) to eat Vegemite and he agreed, thinking it was chocolate spread. The deal was if he ate it all, I would get him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead of him eating his dinner. Needless to say, he ended up eating macaroni cheese.
86. I want to swim with the whale sharks.
87. Last year I swam with dolphins in the ocean.
88. I am scared of deep water.
89. I love car boot sales and love a bargain, but I don't much like shopping.
90. I love letters and numbers and use them a lot in my home decor.
91. I never owned a Barbie as a child, as my mother believed they were ugly and encouraged little girls to be obsessed with their bodies. Thanks Mum.
92. I like to sleep with the blinds open, so I can wake to the gradual lightening of the sky and sunshine across my bed.
93. My family avoid getting on planes with me (see number 30)
94. If I could go back in time and start over (knowing what I know now) I would return to my 28th year.
95. I have slept under the stars in the Sahara Desert (or is it Dessert? See number 55)
96. I love a good kids book, especially read out loud. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe was always a favourite. Oh and who could forget, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
97. Summer is my favourite season. I hate being cold.
98. I always wanted to own a dog - something scruffy and friendly. A bitsa from the RSPCA. I think Rufus would be a good scruffy dog name.
99. I hate confrontation and avoid it at all costs.
100. I still wish on the first star in the evening sky.
101. PHEW… I love the journey, but I get a certain satisfaction when I reach the destination.


Malcolm said...

Hmmm, I think we have enough to work with here! Go ahead and pierce your nose if you want to, shaving your head is temporary and worth a try, dancing is something to think about. BTW I am NOT bald! LOL :)

one little acorn said...

No hair on the head is what I meant. Shaved is actually preferable. Bald is OK too... It's a good look either way. I will edit to clarify.

Jason Belcourt said...

well, very interesting indeed!!! I'm gonna do the same thing myself I think.

I agree with Mal on the nose and hair but I know how much shit gets given when you see a funny dancer so be weary!!!

I am a realist afterall.

one little acorn said...

Thanks for the encouragement and advice. Funnily enough I'm thinking shaving my head would get fewer looks of dismay than my dancing style. Oh well...
My Mum shocked my by saying if I shaved my head, she would do it too - all in the name of charity of course. There are surprises around every corner!
So, where's the shaver??

Retired said...

Dance as if no one is watching.

Jason Belcourt said...

when no ones watching!!!

emma said...

Oh, there are many "snap" moments for me in your list. 4,12,13,18,28,34,45,54,56,78,82,88,89,91,96 and 100 to name a few. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Still it's nice to know that someone understands. Happy Flashback Friday!