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Monday, 30 July 2007

Flashback Friday

Speaking of flashback - you don't get much flashier than this! Woohooo! Look at the innocence in those eyes.

Other participants well worth a look...
Betty Jo


h&b said...

Lovely photo - which one are you ?

I just joined the flikr group today, so have yet to blog my pic :)

Ish said...

Ahhh - Cute.
In fact the cutest!!!
Actually well nigh perfect.

brandy said...

So cute!! And I love black and white photography.

one little acorn said...

Thanks "H & B". I am the smallest one in the middle. Have also joined the flickr group... still trying to work it all out!

Ish... yes well you are biased of course, but regardless, it's a pretty cute pic, and as Brandy says, the black and white is great and adds to the charm

If you want to participate, leave a comment here and next week I will include a link to your blog so people who visit me, can come and see you too. To all those younger friends, feel free to make the year 1995!