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Monday, 26 May 2008

Dear Lucky Dave...

My Dad is a believer in luck. He reads the stars, believes in the swing of a pendulum, follows bio-rhythms and has any number of superstitious habits before an important game of golf.

He believes that with a good portion of luck (and lot of hard work) good things do happen.

It is a belief that has been put into practice across the years and has been tried and tested in many ways, no more so than in the case of Australia's longest running lottery, Tattslotto. He has seen the occasional promise of bigger things with small wins after some hard working investment. I have to admire his persistence and determination.

Last week-end, my Dad was telling me he had recently had a couple of small wins and was building up for 'the big one'. I agreed and suggested a bigger windfall was indeed just around the corner. We were right.

On Saturday night, he won again.

It was not the biggie, and I can assure you, there is no point considering kidnapping his only daughter for a healthy ransom. It was a win however, that has renewed his faith in the power of positive thinking and the alignment of the stars.

He has big dreams for when he does win 'the big one' and I plan to be there right beside him in case he needs any assistance! In the meantime, the occasion of a small windfall still requires some consideration... and a few suggestions to assist in the decision making process.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Lucky Dave

Another win! You are indeed a fortunate man!

But then, aren't we all? And not because we hope to share your bounty, but rather because we are all living healthy, happy, active and busy lives. It's all pretty good really.
So what you buy with your lucky dollars? It may well be the question of the moment.
What does one add to the shopping list of a man with such good fortune?

A coffee, shared with rellies in Rockhampton?

A small digital camera to carry around in your golf bag to capture those magic views and lucky moments!

A gallery road-trip to Canberra?

Or (and here's an exiting proposition) perhaps you could invest in the future and sponsor an emerging artist?

Ahhhh the options are endless. And whilst money isn't everything, life is for living and the possibilities are just a little broader with a pocket full of coins!

Whatever you do - ENJOY! You know where to find me if you need any help!


BigCat said...

What a lovely post. Congrats to Lucky Dave and the people he shares all his good fortune with.

Bec said...

Big congrats to Lucky Dave!!! It always makes me feel a bit sad when people describe themselves as 'unlucky'. My husband sounds similar to your dad, and also believes he is 'lucky' and that a lot of it is to do with being positive. He always says he will get a park right out the front of wherever he's going. And you know what? He usually does! We call it 'his very mild superpower'...he he he...

RETIRED said...

I appreciate your suggestions for the the investment of my windfall. My current positive thoughts are leading me to grab a share of the "Big One'". And with bigcat and bec and one little acorn in the cheer squad Wheeee!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

He sounds like my mum. She's forever entering competitions and wins quite often enough. Mostly small wins, but the occassional holiday or $1000 worth of electical appliances. Then one year, a little before Christmas, she won $10,000. She gave us all a nice little amount and they used the rest to come and visit me in Japan. She did make us promise that we wouldn't tease her anymore about it though when she gave us the money.