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Sunday, 18 May 2008

This is what reminds me of my Mum...

One week late I'm afraid - but here it is...

Chocolate freckles remind me of my Mum.

When I was in highschool, Mum used to make me my sandwiches for lunch. At that stage it was a standard peanut butter, which she hated by the way - couldn't stand the smell! In any case, on this particular day, I bit into my sandwich to find an exotic combination of peanut butter AND chocolate freckles.

It was a great surprise, an absolute treat and it totally made my day.

My friends all thought my Mum was cool, if a little strange! She was a bit of a legend after that.

Peanut butter and chocolate freckles.
Go on, try it, you know you want to.

The "This is..." meme started by the very creative Angela of Three Buttons fame.


Ish said...

Mmmm, peanut butter and chocolate freckles.
Sounds interesting.
I might give it a try, - but it would have to be without the peanut butter!
Do you think that would work?
I might as well forego the bread and butter too.

Jenny said...

That would surely be a sugar high!No wonder the kids thought your mum was cool-what a sweetie!

little red hen said...

When they were little I used to make my kids sandwiches into butterflies on the plate. I cut them into 4 triangles with a carrot stick as the body and 2 triangles for the wings these would be topped with 'Smarties' for colour (and yum factor) the butterflies would fly on the plate above a garden of shredded lettuce 'grass' and mandarin 'flowers' I wonder if they remember? Thanks for reminding me!

Lisa said...

I am so trying that tomorrow.

My little one loves peanut butter so I have a feeling she will be very impressed.