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Sunday, 13 June 2010

1000 Journals

Well, it's Sunday night and it's 11 o'clock. It's been a busy weekend already and normally by now, I would be tucked up in my bed, with the working week looming grimly.

This Sunday night however, I am happy to say is not a normal Sunday night... 

Thankfully tomorrow is a public holiday (Happy Birthday to the Queen) which means I will be able to ease more casually into what is normally a manic Monday morning and I will not be regretting this late night of googling and blogging.

But before I go, I really wanted to tell you about a great movie I have watched on ABC2 tonight. Hopefully you caught it too.

It was called 1000 Journals and is the documentary style movie about 1000 journals that were despatched by 'someguy' from San Francisco into the world in August 2000 and what has happened since.

I loved it. It was surprising and inspiring. And as a lover or journalling and all things creative (and being the nosey person I am), it was compelling viewing. And of course as soon as it was over, I jumped onto the website to take a look.

The covers are different on all 1000 journals. This one was designed by Australian artist Russell Tate.

Make sure you go take a look at the 1000 Journals website. Go see how it all came to be... Many many pages are scanned and waiting to be viewed and explored. People's stories and creativity is there for all to see. And if you love this 'stuff' as I do, you will find it hard to go to bed on time too!


Luhlahh said...

I watched that too OLA, and I just loved it! xx

little red hen said...

I caught the end of this too. I have a book called a 1000 artist journal pages. Which was inspired by the 1000 journals movie.
I love these journals and have tried to introduce them to my year three children. They enjoy the fact that there is no wrong way to respond to the theme, question or idea.

trash said...

Must be something in the air this weekend, Princess C-W brought her 'Wreck this journal' book downstairs and did some more work on it.

angela said...

Ah yes, I did watch it too and it was great! I"m going to investigate starting a group one from 1001 journals for the blogging circle!! Wish me luck!

Old Timer said...

Wonderful viewing. And I too dived into the web-site.
DVD would be constant reference .
Thanks OLA for the "Did you know ?"

Emiti said...

Wow. Thanks for posting this. I didn't catch it but I love the website. I'm a sucker for journals, drawing and sharing. What a great idea. :)

Heartfire At Home said...

I missed the movie, but had been browsing the site a week or so ago..... it's just amazing isn't it?!

Thanks for your lovely words on my blog Jacinta! I first came across your blog via a comment you left on Jodie's (Ric Rac), and because of the name One Little Acorn, just had to click over (I LOVE acorns....)!

Linda. x :)