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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Star app...

Gotta tell you about this awesome app a friend showed me last night and I have since added to my iPhone. If you have a smart phone or mobile device, seriously track this down. It's called 'star walk' and it is AMAZING.

Basically, load the app, take it outside and point it skywards and it aligns with your position and lines up with the night sky, telling you the names of stars, the constellations, the names of satellites... And more.

It cost $2.99au and I (personally) think its well worth it. This pic is a screen grab of part of the sky outside tonight.

Oh, and it can be used during the day too, and whilst you won't actually see the stars to which it refers, you now know where they are. Very cool.

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Nicky said...

Oh I'm going to have to check into this! Looks fab. My boyfriend loves stargazing…...