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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Aurora Australis may be visible tonight...

Yes, it's true. For people in the southern states of Australia, this may be the perfect night to see Aurora Australis. Conditions are right apparently, after solar flares earlier this week.

This is incredibly exciting to me and I would love to see it (have been wanting to see them for many years), but living in the city, chances are I will not see them tonight. BUT it is possible they will appear tomorrow or maybe Saturday night too, and given I will be down the coast and with a clear view South... there is time. There is hope.

But in the meantime, as you think about heading to your bed tonight, or as you wake in the early hours of the morning, please please please get out there and take a look to the Southern skies. And by the way, I believe (though I could be wrong) this also means the chances of seeing Aurora Borealis are also increased. So those of you who live in the Northern parts of the Northern hemisphere, eyes up too...

If you see them, be still and soak up the moment, because this is a rare occurrence... Capture it if you can... and make sure you come and let me know.

If you want more information, you can go here to spaceweather.com.

The above photo is of Aurora Australis over the city of Hobart, found here on the internet. Amazing isn't it?


Lesley said...

I hope you get to see that!
I'd have to go to Canada to see Borealis, so none for me. But maybe some day. :)

flossy-p said...

Oh My Gosh!!! Did you see it? I had no idea they came to Australia, I always dreamed of heading very far north to see them one day.

one little acorn said...

Unfortunately I didn't get to see it... it was quite overcast for much of the time, and although I set my alarm for every 1.25 hours on the Friday night and slept so I could see out my window in the right direction to take a quick look if I woke between times, still no luck.

Still a dream to see it one day.