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Monday, 5 March 2012

Queen Mary 2...

Big news in Melbourne today was the arrival and departure of the cruise liner Queen Mary 2. Twice the size of the MCG, this boat is big - real big!

It left Melbourne at 6pm tonight and has just gone through the heads, past Point Lonsdale. I'm guessing my Mum and Dad were there and no doubt joined by a huge number of the curious onlookers as they gathered to get a glimpse of the biggest ship ever to sail into (and out of) Port Phillip Bay.

This was the view from the Port of Melbourne Webcam from Point Lonsdale Lighthouse as it went through the heads. Makes me wish I had driven down there tonight to see it close up.

As I said, that's one big boat, and that's one huuuuge electricity bill...


AnastasiaC said...

its amazing isnt it? we went down to see it on Sydney Harbour a couple of years ago - was a great sight!!

Ish said...

Great sight. Great ship.
We were there along with several thousand other people.
And I guess they generate their own electricity - just as well!

Old Guy said...

Traffic was struggling to get away from Lonny.
T intersections and roundabouts require time and patience.