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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Long weekend road trip...

So my Mum and I are making the most of this long weekend and taking a bit of road trip. Destination Hamilton, Victoria. 3.5 hours from home.

When people asked me this week why we were going to Hamilton, I said I wasn't sure. And now I'm here, my answer is unchanged.

Hamilton is... ummm... quiet.

All shops close Saturday 12:30. We arrived at 1:30. Seems most of the people (excepting a few stray window shopping tourists) had disappeared.

After a quick stop at our motel, we visited the local gallery (which i found a bit disappointing), then we took a drive to 2 waterless waterfalls and did a quick drive-by of the 'big wool bales'. We might leave a visit there for tomorrow... Don't want to see all the highlights on day one!

Having said all that, it's not all about shopping and entertainment. And despite my complaints, the sun has been shining and the air is clear. The terrain is open country with lots of sheep gathered under huge gum trees and the skies are blue and big. We are having a good time.


CurlyPops said...

Awww that brings back memories. I lived in Hamilton as a kiddie, and you may have driven through Penshurst on the way too. That's what I consider to be my home town.
The botanic gardens used to be really beautiful back in the old days. May be worth a visit - and make sure you flip a coin and make a wish in the wishing well.

Louise Dalton said...

Perhaps a little picnic; laying about, sketching, feeding ducks?

Nicky said...

Heck, I'm so far behind with my blog reading! Glad you are getting some time with your mum - hope Hamilton gets a wee bit more exciting :) I know what you mean though - it's not all about the activities when you get to spend some down-time with someone special.