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Monday, 9 July 2012

Ch ch ch ch changes...

It's been two entire months now since I last posted, the longest break since I started blogging in Feb 2007. And I've been pondering on this a lot lately. Wondering as to why I seem to have abandoned it so absolutely. Seemingly without a backwards glance.

If you are a regular reader and have stumbled upon this post, I imagine that's what it must look like. But truth is, I have been missing blogging, and certainly missing all my blogging buddies. But I've been struggling... though I'm not really sure why.

Yes, I have been studying, yes, I have been busy, and yes, I have changed jobs, but none of these things has ever stopped me in the past. Often these are the things I have shared here. The very things that have kept me blogging.

And whilst the days and weeks have passed, three things have reminded me recently why my blog means so much to me and it really is time I get my blogging back on track.

Firstly, friends have been asking if I'm ok and what's going on, my parents who are regular readers have both commented (hinted) that I need an update post.

Secondly, I had a friend contact me recently to ask where my blog had gone!!! I thought she meant it had disappeared all together and my stomach lurched. There was genuine relief when it came up on the screen and I saw my one little acorn blog was still there. if it was gone, I really would have been devastated.

And then, over this weekend I got a comment on my latest post (way back on the first of May) from a long time blogging friend just checking in, and flagged the fact I had been MIA for such a long time!!!

Thank you Little Red Hen for hanging on in there, and for your check in!

So. Here I am. I'm back.

Remember me?
Busy, yes, new job, yes, still studying, yes. But I am back, because my blog (and yours) is something I'm not about to abandon.

How are you?


Nicky said...

Good to see you back! I know how it feels - I think the longer you go without posting, the less inclined you feel to get back into it. Who knows how the mind works sometimes....glad to hear you're ok though! I laughed at your comment about your parents chiding you into posting!

CurlyPops said...

I've missed you around these parts. Tis always nice when you pop up in my reader!

Lesley said...

Good to see you. :)

Lilli boo said...

About time. Glad your back, had been wondering what you had been up too. It's easy to get off teh blogging band wagon, I know cause I too have found little time to write regularly, jsut small doses. Look foeward to hearing more. x

Lilli boo said...

and possible improving my *spelling8* too, sheesh... x

Red Hen (dette) said...

Glad to see you back again. I think many have been a little absent of late. Looking forward to being able to catch up with what you are up to. I've recently plunged into a new creative venture myself and hope to return to more regular blogging myself.
P.S I must be a robot because I find these new words hard to type....where are my glasses!