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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Laughing until you pee...

This coming weekend I am catching up with one of my oldest friends. Actually, apart from family, my oldest. I should be clear here - it is neither her nor I who is 'oldest' but our friendship!

What can I say... Lou never fails to bring a smile to my face. 

As kids, she and I used to laugh so hard together we'd wet our pants... when I pushed a bublegum ice-cream into her face in the main street (when I was old enough to know not to), all she could do was laugh... she's also the one who walked down the street in a t-shirt and knickers at the age of about 9, when she had forgotten to put on her shorts before leaving home, and yes, you guessed it, she laughed! We lived hours apart, but her family had a holiday house in my beachside town and from the day she arrived at the beginning of each summer holiday, to the day she left late in January, we were inseparable.

She has a great laugh and is a lifelong friend. We spent long stretches apart when I went traveling, and with busy lives now (she has two gorgeous grown up daughters and a new grandson!!!) it's not always easy to organise much time together, but whenever we do it's like we have not been parted at all. Ah yes, she's one of those friends. The last time I spent the weekend with her and her partner Trev, we went to a local antique/junk shop to have a browse. When I picked up a plastic snoopy and the head came off in my hands, her laughter shook the rafters! Actually we were both hysterical, but I was trying to put his head back on at the time, so I was trying to be discreet!

Lou is also an amazing cook and she has started a project this year to cook a different evening meal every day for twelve entire months! Yes, all 365 days! (less any meals out of course)

As if that wasn't crazy enough, she has also started a blog to chart her year and share with family and friends her daily menu and some recipes... She is also asking for inspiration. So pop on over and take a look. But be warned, it will get your mouth watering! 

Oh I am looking forward to the weekend. I think rack of lamb might be on the menu - a special treat for me! Thankfully I have great taste in friends! And hopefully we both have better bladder control than when we were 6, because there are sure to be a lot of laughs!


The above photo is of us with my Mum on the beach at Point Lonsdale, sometime in the 70's. I am on the left, Lou's sister Jodie is behind me, that's my groovy Mum in the middle, and Lou's the cutie with the wide grin and zinc creamed nose on the right! Such happy sun-shiny memories.


Anonymous said...

Great memories!
Fancy you having these old photos. How come?

Nicky said...

Oh I just love that photo! Love the fun recollections too - so sweet!

Lou Fisher said...

You Just made me cry!It is soo, soo special to have our friendship last and knowing that I will ALWAYS have you there. Thank you my very good friend for always making me wet my pants!

kj said...

To have a friend like this......

Do you know about 'Sames' in china? That's clearly what you and Lou are. How precious!

Best if you both keep your bottoms on though, yes? :-)


Nettie Collis said...

Friends are so very important in our lives. I enjoyed hearing all about yours. It is my friends who have got me through some very difficult times. You all look so happy sitting on the beach.