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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The magical connections of blogging...

Monday, as you know, I updated my blog for the first time in aaaaages. Since then, I've been so excited to have had a few comments from some ole blogging friends, and it means so much. So thank you. I will be dropping by more often to say hi!

Then on Monday night in the midst of my renewed blogging glow, I had the pleasure of catching up with Luhlahh who was visiting Victoria over her Northern Territory school holidays! What a treat, and fun to catch up on all the news, though it occurred to me later, that I had managed to forget a couple of things. I'll admit to getting a little distracted by talk of her school kids, art and journalling, then books and a display back at the car where she revealed all her extraordinary book buys from her time in the city over the weekend.

WOW! It's so easy to get excited about books full of art, creativity and possibility. No wonder she couldn't resist! Oh it would have been nice to sit around for a few hours, beside an open fire browsing in more detail whilst sharing a mug of hot chocolate, but alas she was on her way back to the coast and all of a sudden the night was over. Safe travels home Lou, it was lovely to see you.

Also, I just want to send out my thoughts to another blogging friend Lesley, who lives in Colorado Springs in Colorado which has been devastated by forest fires over the last few weeks. Hundreds of houses lost and even worse, the tragic loss of lives. Such unbelievable loss, and then, amongst all the sadness there are also stories of hope and she shares one here. It made me smile, and I hope it does you too. Take care Lesley, big love and hugs to you.


The image above is an instagram pic of cookie cutters I have framed in my kitchen. When I created it, shuffling the letters until they fitted together, the word joy was sitting right in the middle!


Nicky said...

Love this post! So much happiness - from the adorable Instagram to the nice meeting with your friend. And I just loved that story of the chickens! I just sent it to a firefighter friend of mine who spent the weekend rescuing ducklings from a drain in Georgia! Thanks for the smiles :)

Nikki said...

Yep - love the blogosphere and all the wonderful connections we make. Here's hoping to hearing more from you! xx

Lesley said...

Thanks so much for all your kind words, and for sharing the chicken story. :)

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Fowl Ideas said...

The "next blog" button givith and the "next blog" button taketh away.

Tally Ho!

Louise Dalton said...

Oh, hey, I finally managed to stop by. My blogging has been on hiatus. It was so lovely to see you Jacinta. I hope I didn't talk your ears off too much!
Lou. X