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Friday, 7 September 2007

Flashback Friday

I posted a wedding pic a while ago (before the themes were started)... So I am repeating it and adding another from the same day. Here I was at my cousin's wedding all dressed up as her flowergirl. That's me (in lime green) with the two bridesmaids. I don't remember it much except to say my dress was a bit tight - especially around the sleeves! That dress is still hanging up in a wardrobe in my parents home. It is SO tiny!

I remember the wide brimmed hats of the bridesmaids. It was a warm summers day and the sun filtered through the trees...

Here's me and my Mum (with the gorgeous hair). I remember that skirt - it was purples and pinks and oranges. Very 70's.

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Angela at Three Buttons has asked me to propose the theme for next week (I have changed my mind a dozen times already so here goes...) So let me suggest "Say Cheese". Those cheesy pics with smile filling faces. Or the grimaces of forced family group shots at Christmas... with your brother giving you rabbit ears... That sort of thing.

Happy Flashback Friday!


three buttons said...

OOooh I have lots of chessy grin photos! They were my speciality.

What a damn fine, ultra cool bridal party! I love those wide bream hats and you looks so cute with your little pixie hair too.

whitney said...

Ok, when I finally decide to chop off my hair, I am taking a pic of your childhood hair. I love it! Love the dresses and the fanciness of it all. You look like a perfect flower girl. I can't wait to find a picture for next week's theme.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Love your photos again.
Thanks for letting us know what next weeks theme is. I'm on the hunt now for the best photo I have.

Anna said...

I agree these are great wedding photos. I love the photo with your mum and your pretty basket of flowers.

one little acorn said...

Three Buttons... Very 70's hats hey! Yes there are a lot of cheesy grins coming your way next week I just know it! I know I have a couple of real doozies!

Whitney - thanks for the complement. My hairdresser at that stage could have been any-one from the qualified to my brothers! Have considered a return to a similar look myself. Think I'll go the professional this time!

Great to see you again Fiona. Looking forward to your cheesy pics next week!

Anna, You know I had that little basket for years! Wedding photo's are always so very sweet. Thanks for dropping by...

JustRun said...

Wow, you really have some fantastic photos!