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Saturday, 22 September 2007

What I miss about London #1

There are many things I miss about London.

It was my home for nearly 8 years and was the place I spent the majority of my 20's. There are many things I miss. Friends. The sights. The history. The seasons. The beautiful architecture. The easy lifestyle. Perhaps it is my youth I miss the most.

It is at this time of year, as my garden breaks out in pockets of bright orange and pink and the scent of fresia's magically fills the air, that I am reminded of the beauty of London that I have left behind.

Springtime is my favourite time of year in London. The winter is cold and grey and daylight hours are short. I would leave for work in the morning when it was still dark, and watch the grey light fade entirely from the sky around 3pm. On the whole it was a depressing time of year. Certainly there were winter pleasures - an open fire, a warm pub, the lazy walks to riverside cafes - but I was always glad to see the signs of it's departure.

In early May, the signs began. A few brave daffodils, slowly receding hours of darkness, and clear sharp mornings with frosty grounds were how it began. And then, almost overnight, it burst forth. The daffodils spread in huge panels of yellow through parks and along local streets, birds returned with a shrill song of morning greetings and in the woodlands, bluebells mingled in the dappled sunshine. It was truly beautiful. Magnolias sprung open and bare branches gave way to bright fresh shades of green. Within days, colour had returned to London's monotone pallette.

Moods lifted, smiles returned, life began again...


Jason Belcourt said...

And on a beautiful day like this, you are inside in front of a computer? WTF?

one little acorn said...

Actually wrote it at 6.30 this morning and only just published it this afternoon. Beats me... I don't get it either. And you? On a beautiful day like this, you are inside in front of a computer! What's with that?