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Monday, 17 September 2007

Funny how things happen...

I love a good coincidence and so it seems does Angela. Just yesterday she wrote about coincidences and asked if anyone else had a story to tell. What a coincidence! Funnily enough I have had this post in draft mode for a while now, with that very same title. And so, now I feel it is time I get it finished and hit the publish button...

Some time ago, I wrote a post called "Today is the 23rd of August...". It was all about my (still) impending 40th Birthday and getting old. I had 12 comments. Amongst them was a comment from a fellow blogger who (coincidentally) happened to share my birthday. OK OK, so there are no doubt many people sharing October 23rd as the best birthday on the calendar, but "Just Run" is from the other side of the planet and she just happened to be one of my blog visitors who had dropped by in the past! Ha! Well, I think it pretty amazing!

Then, just last week-end, I visited "Meet me at Mikes" a shop in Bridge Road, Richmond. This store is chock a block full of crafty and retro items. It generally requires a number of laps to ensure most things are viewed at least once. 'Mikes' sells for, and is a supporter of the local crafting community in Melbourne. Their window displays are always a treat and step through their door and it's impossible not to find something that appeals. I went there especially to buy a girlfriend a baby gift, however as it turned out, what I was after was sold out. And so it was, with empty hands and my purse yet unopened, I spied a sweet little handmade owl.

I had previously seen them on 'Kwoozy's' blog and so recognised them instantly. They are so soft and all handmade and I couldn't resist. I made my decision and having had a good chat while paying, it wasn't too long before I was heading back down Bridge Road toward home, with the owl inside a transparent plastic bag.

I had seen a shop on the way to Mikes that I wanted to visit, but it was closed at the time. On the way back it was open so we dropped in there too. It turns out, one of the girls serving recognised the owl and commented that she had done a 'swap' with Kwoozy in exchange for a sausage dog she had made. Her blogging name was Boobook and she had been to my blog too! She also knew my friend Angela from Sew Your Own and Three Buttons.

Just one small coincidence after another. Small world.


whitney said...

I am truly contemplating moving to Australia so that maybe I can bump into any one of you gals, visit meet me at mike's, go to the stitch night, run into people who write the blogs "one little acorn", "three buttons", "meet me at mike's" and the lot. Stop making iso tempting! Cute FFB cheesy pictures by the way.

Liss said...

what a small world :-)

and a lovely and happy crafting one too.

one little acorn said...

Whitney, you would be more than welcome anytime! Come on over! In the meantime, it's hard to imagine you are that far away anyway.

Liss, yeh I thought it was pretty amazing! Thanks for dropping by to say hello. Love your blog. I'll be back to visit again.