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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Blisters and pride...

This morning I completed my first fun run ever with my friend Heather (that's me on the right and Heather on the left). It was a major achievement for both of us. We are both novice runners and fun run virgins. It was tough. It was. And whilst we both had moments of desperately wanting to walk and allow the legs to recover, I am unashamedly proud to say we ran EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

ALL 10 K I L O M E T R E S.

Not that long ago another friend Amy convinced me I could run 5kms and I didn't believe her. I said I would never make a runner and that these legs were not built to carry this body at more than walking pace. Inside, I wanted to give it a go and it didn't take much convincing for me to accept her challenge. Once I was 'up and running' (excuse the pun) I convinced Heather, that if I could do it, so could she, and so she joined us.

Within weeks (as promised) Amy had me running 5kms and was saying 10kms was definitely within reach. I listened and nodded with a mixture of enthusiasm and the glazed belief of one newly converted. That very week-end with her words still ringing in my head, I came across a flyer for the Sussans' Women's Classic and before I could think about it for too long, I had registered for the 10km run. By that evening Heather was also registered. Since that date, I have often wondered at why I committed to the 10km run and didn't go for the 5km option, but I guess for me there had to be an element of pushing outside the comfort zone.

If I was hoping for out of the comfort zone, I was not disappointed. As expected, the run was exhausting. It was forecast to be a hot day of 31 degrees and the overnight temp was only 19. By the time we arrived for the 8am start the mercury was on the rise, already hitting 21. The sun was out, and on open streets, there was little protection from the rays. It was a stunning setting along Beaconsfield Parade in Melbourne along the waterfront, but the seaside wind buffeted us nearly every step of the way. Despite the heat and the wind and the inexperience, we did it.

I am proud and amazed and relieved and yes, a little sore. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't glamorous. I have large blisters on both big toes and my face has only just returned to a normal shade 12 hours later. For me it was a major achievement and it has left me feeling somewhat lightheaded. I continue to question the use of Fun and Run in the same phrase, but it was an experience I will never forget.

My official time was 1 hour, 15 minutes and 27 seconds.


Shirley & David said...

I KNEW you could.
Well done.
Now next year there is another one. -
Just 14 kms, through the Domain Tunnel and over the Bolte Bridge.
Do you feel like upping the ante a little?

Shirley & David said...

P.S. Congrats to Heather too.
What lovely smiling faces!!

Malcolm said...

Shirley & David, it was bad enough in the lead up to this one!!!

The recovery phase is still in progress.

She has already registered!!!

Nuts I tell you... Nuts!!!

PS: The photo has not captured the true essence of the glow... It took some time to cool and look relatively normal again...

PPS: Well done Cinta, I never doubted you... Look up determined and there will be a photo of you...

brandy said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy that you did this. And the fact that you ran the whole way? Wow! Way to go!

Ames said...

So proud. So, so proud!!!!! It made me smile all Sunday thinking about what you have accomplished. Never forget that you alone conquered this. Sure there were words of encouragement and a hastily compiled running schedule involved, but your will, your legs and your pure determination is what got you over the line. Ca't wait to see what else you are capable of...

emma said...

I'm completely in awe of your amazing fun-run effort! Every now & again I feel like breaking into a trot, but I have never run further than 100metres I'm sure. You must be over the moon!
I can't even get motivated for a spin around the block at the moment & I feel like crap for it. Well done!!!