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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Confessions of a word verification nerd...

OK. I haven't admitted this to anyone, but I collect word verifications from the comment sections of blogs. I know. Crazy huh? As I said to someone just the other day, I really do need to get out more!

But seriously. For a long time, they caused me a great deal of concern. I even posted about this last October.For whatever reason I was continually getting them wrong. It may have been my reading, or more likely my dyslexic typing. Often I lost comments along the way, knowing full well the original was more witty or thoughtful. It even got the point that I would copy the comment before I hit publish, just in case I got the word verification wrong and all was lost!

And then something happened.

They started getting easier. I truly believe the words actually got simpler. In fact, some words became almost recognisable. In some cases quite amusing. And so, I started to collect them. I would see words that appealed for whatever reason and give them definitions in my head.

"goodea" (obviously) is a good idea.

menetti? the term used for Italian men who like to cook.

palmwee? Well I'm not really sure of the botanical definitions, but it's does make me think twice about standing in the shade of any palm tree anytime soon!

I know, silly really, but all in all I often find amusement in small things and i'm ok with that. So right now, on a windy Thursday evening, as I wait for pizza to be delivered to my door, because it's just too damn cold to head out and I'm too damn lazy to cook, I thought I would share some word verification goodness with you from my 'collection'.

You know I even think I might have a bit of fun and invite you to play along. Post an amusing (or meaningful) word on your blog and give it a definition! Leave a comment so I can come and visit. Alternatively, add a definition to one from my post. Go on... go crazy!


CurlyPops said...

Have you noticed too that the gobbledygook words are also becoming repeatative?

My word is: hanation

Malcolm said...


I thought I would comment just to see what came up.


Short for italian ice cream?

willywagtail said...

Today's word is seaugl (see u girl) taken from this here blog right now. Sometimes the words are so applicable to a post I get this wish to add them but usually control myself. Cherrie

flossy-p said...

Yep "uddymi": ummmm, a common phrase meaning "my udder", but only spoken by bovine in cow accent...

"How are you today Gladis?"
"Oh uddymi itchy"

Tinniegirl said...

I think you're in good company. The word verifications are always a fascination to me.

Today's not very exciting though: chrand

Nikki said...

Word verifications always amuse me, too.

I'm afraid it's too late on a Friday night for me to have any wit left to come up with a definition for any of them, but I often do just that as I post comments.

BTW - Do drop in some time if you get the chance!

little red hen said...

I thought it was swearing at me one day!!! (They amuse me too!)