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Thursday, 16 September 2010

St Pauls Church, NYC - Hope and Healing at Ground Zero

St. Paul's Church is located between Broadway and Church Street in downtown NYC. It is just across the street from ground zero, and is one of the only buildings in the immediate vicinity to have survived  the devestation unscathed. In the months following the tragedy it became a refuge and sanctuary for thousands of volunteers and service men and women as they worked endlessly in their search for bodies. They went there to pray, to eat and to sleep and continued to do so for nine months after the attacks.

This was also where well wishers and mourners created a makeshift memorial, posting photos of loved ones lost, and messages of love and support were also added onto the fence surrounding the small church. Many of those personal items were saved and are now on display inside the chapel in an exhibit called "Unwavering Spirit: Hope and Healing at Ground Zero."

We didn't go there on Saturday, but decided to visit Monday and I am glad we did. It was a moving tribute to all the victims and the workers alike, with messages and momentos from the months following the Setptember 11 attacks, it was an emotional experience that left me choking back tears and unable to speak. There was very little talking within the church and no-one was meeting anyone else's eyes. It was a very personal insight and yet the feelings seemed connected..

Photography was allowed and I took a few pictures, something I did not feel entirely comfortable with, but I have decided to post a couple of them so that you might see some of what I am talking about. Any of the personal pictures were posted by people for public viewing as a tribute to their loved ones, so I feel ok with sharing them here...

This is the graveyard at the back of St Pauls that looks onto the WTC site.


Trash said...

Thank you.

Lori ann said...

This is so hard to read, but yes, thank you Cinta. You've made a beautiful moving post(s).

Leave It To Davis said...

Small world.....my daughter and her husband were in New York from Sept. 6-10th and sent me pics via cell phone that I posted....they were also very moved by the 9-11 memorial. She loved NYC and said if she had gone before getting married and having her babies, her husband would have been out of luck!