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Friday, 17 August 2007

Flashback Friday

This is my year group from my final year at high school. It was 1985 (sorry - I didn't have any earlier pics to do pre '85). HSC was complete and we were ready to face the world, though not looking quite like this! I am the one at the back of the crowd with the white face. At that time there was little regard for political correctness and I never did quite understand the footy socks and skirt combo.

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Malcolm said...

Never did get the Black & White Minstrels thing...? White guys painted as black guys and singing??? You seem to have taken it to another level, white girl painted as a white girl.......?
I have seen the photos of you painted as a black girl too, so, HMMMM!?!?! LOL

Malcolm said...

PS: was the white paint easier to get off than the black paint?

Dragonfly-Crafts (Fiona) said...

Love your photo. Interesting dressups to say the least.
Did you have "muck up" days?

Dragonfly-Crafts (Fiona) said...

ps. Don't feel bad about not have Brownies in your life like my photo. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be. We hated our "Leader" by the end and walked out one day and didn't go back.
United front by my twin and I. Mum didn't mind.

emma said...

Great photo! Can you still identify all the faces? On our final "muck-up" day we all dressed as nuns for a big breakfast. Sadly, even though I have photos, they fall just outside the parameters of flashback friday, being 1986.