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Friday, 31 August 2007

Flashback Friday

It may not have been very musical, but the noise these birds made was amazing. I was at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with my family and there were hundreds of birds. They all came in to feed at the same time and plates of seeds soon became crowded and heavier with each new bird joining the frenzy. I seem to remember it was too heavy for a little kid like me, which is why my Mum was doing all the hard work, while I gazed around beside her.

I still have a postcard where my cousin tells of visiting the same place and her seeing someone fall backwards into one of the bird baths! I can only imagine the state of the water.

Years later when my Dad and I went to Queensland to visit his parents we returned to find fewer birds and paint peeling from the aged attractions. Stepping into the past like that was not dissimilar to stepping onto a 70's movie set and it all seemed a little bit surreal. Their website looks like they have spent some money on upgrades in more recent times.

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Anonymous said...

I too remember this place. I took my kids in 2000. I have a pic of the three of us and my daughter's face is not happy as the birds were pooping on me. She wouldn't touch the plate. Great place. Amazing.
Love your "pram or car hair"

whitney said...

I love how you used the birds as music. Isn't it funny how places we went when we were little and how we have them saved in our mind seem to be a little off of the present condition? Love the pic

one little acorn said...

Fiona - yes, I think it was all a bit stinky in reality, but somehow that is all glossed over in the passing of time. I have never noticed the 'pram hair'... very funny.

Whitney - and isn't amazing how so many places seem so much smaller. The big pineapple is a perfect example. Positively medium. Hardly fits the 'big' status of it's name!

three buttons said...

This photo is cool. Really captures a moment!

Tomorrow I would like to nominate you for suggesting next weeks Flashback Theme but keep that between you an me before the big announcement tomorrow : )

Cherryskin said...

Your and your mum's dresses look gorgeous!!