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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Today is the 23rd of August

Today is the 23rd of August. Nothing unusual in that - yesterday was the 22nd and tomorrow is the 24th. It all makes sense... So what's the big deal?

For me it is another marker. The 23rd is always a reminder that my Birthday is an even month (or more) away. This year the 23rd of August is the 2 month marker to my 40th birthday. I know, I know, I have spoken of this in past posts, but it is on my mind and it seems I can't avoid it popping into my head at these moments. As this year is a milestone birthday, it has got me to thinking about getting old. No. Not just getting older. Getting old. O L D.

It doesn't seem that long ago I was celebrating my 30th birthday. I can still remember saying to myself: "God, how did 30 come around so damn fast? Oh well, at least I'm not 40!"

When I was a teenager, 40 seemed an aeon away. And now that I am on the brink, it seems unfair that I can no longer deny I am probably (I feel sick just muttering this phrase)... well I really am middle aged. Seriously. No matter how I look at it, it doesn't feel like I am heading in the right direction. What lies ahead is blue rinse, soft perms, flat shoes and woolly tights.

So, when does this transformation take place? When is it that men start wearing caps, short sleeved shirts with bow-ties and white knee high socks with sandals. When is it that I cut my hair short and buy hair dye in smoky shades of soft blue and talk about "the good old days" with old school friends. When do I place my marbles in one place and return later to find them gone? When do I throw out my self tan to make room for wrinkle cream and polly filler?

I already lose my keys regularly and talk to myself so maybe the signs of age are already beginning to show. A friend recently voiced her concerns that she has the first signs of Alzheimer's disease. I comforted her by saying if she could spell it, she couldn't possibly be suffering the symptoms. I (on the other hand) just had to use dictionary.com to check the spelling and was horrified to find I had it wrong! To make it even worse, I had it so badly off the mark that dictionary.com didn't even know the word I was looking for and suggested alternatives for spelling that may have been helpful. Funnily enough "old-timer's" was top of the list. So at this point it isn't looking good!

Yes wise friends, it is inevitable. Taxes and growing old (and eventually death). There is no avoiding it if we plan to continue walking on this planet. And so, what now? Well. Here's the thing. They say 40 is the new 30 and I am embracing this wholeheartedly. By the time I get to 40 in 10 years time they may be saying 50 is the next 30! Now that could get really confusing... especially given that I can barely do arithmetic now - by then I won't have a clue how old I am!

So I plan to celebrate my birthday in two months time. The big four ohhh will not go unnoticed. I plan to party with friends, play loud 80's music, share a few drinks and eat lots of cake. Acknowledge the occasion in style and the very next day, start telling every-one I am 30. That should work.


Malcolm said...

You'll get over it! No, really, you will... It's just a birthday and there are numerous years ahead to look forward to. Think about this... The first 20 years were fun and you learned a lot but you didn't get much done, the last 20 have been a learning and growing experience. Now you are set to take on the world and use all of the knowledge and skills that you have to take it to the next level... Enjoy life, stop worrying so much and let's get on with it!

JustRun said...

Wait, your birthday is on the 23rd in two months? Now that's just odd.
Why, you ask? Because it's my birthday, too.

"I plan to party with friends, play loud 80's music, share a few drinks and eat lots of cake."
I plan to celebrate just about the same way!

Wanderer said...
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Wanderer said...

It was not that long ago that I was going through the same thoughts Jacinta. Looking around at what I had achieved and the people that love and support me made my concerns fade into insignificance.

By the way, you are very perceptive, it was around that time that I started wearing caps, although I've yet to feel the hankering for short sleeved shirts with bow-ties and white knee high socks with sandals!

Peter said...

Don't worry about Alzheimer's Cinta, at least you get to hide your own Easter eggs!

brandy said...

Lady, I just turned 26 and lose things all the time and talk to myself on a regular basis, so you are defintely not alone there. As for your birthday party coming up, I hope it's everything you wish for. 40 will be fabulous and you deserve nothing less.

one little acorn said...

Mal - you are so right. Each year I learn more and more. Then I realise that there is even more to learn. It certainly keeps me on my toes and the mind active - I have been told that this is half the battle won!

Justrun - this is amazing. You live on the other side of the planet and we visit each other's blog and coincidentally we share the same birthday! Incredible!

I remember 28 - it was a great year. It is also the age to which I would return if I could.

Wanderer - Yes the people who fill your lives are the important thing. And I have a great deal to be grateful for... as for the sandals and socks - don't do it! The cap is forgivable, sandals and socks are a crime at any age!

Pete - I love this idea. Hiding my own Easter eggs! I could stretch it out for the entire year once I get really forgetful! Woo hoo!

Brandy - thanks for that. Yes, I can't blame being forgetful on my increasing age. It is a condition I have been suffering from for many years. As for talking to myself, I like the fact I can keep myself entertained... 'we' generally get along quite well!

Lilli boo said...

Hi, I just couldn't help commenting. I'm turning 40 next year and facing similar thought's as yourself. HOWEVER I do have positive reassurance. I was at a family Sixtieth, discussing age (as you do) with a women I had never met before. She spoke words of wisdom. She said basically if she could remain a permanent age. She would be 43 (or there abouts) as 40 was much better then the 'dillusional 20's' and 'confusing 30's' when we are still working out relationships, babies, houses etc. But it wasn't just that it was also that feeling you are much more comfortable with yourself, your friends, your life. So embrace it, enjoy it and remember your not the only one turning 40..there are lots of us lurking out there, have a great birthday celebration.

Claire Falkingham said...

Oh Wow, I can relate to this, had to cross that bridge in April! It's hard because I LOVE fahsion, and well, certain things are starting to look well, silly - oooh it hurts!

Retired said...

40 is what you are !
It's who you are that is noticed.

mark said...

Hi Jacinta,

23 Aug is my birthday! One of my b'days was more memorable in that it was spent in Boston (just down the road from Lincolnville...) That was when I was 22, so I too have noticed time swooping by! Good luck with your "mile stone" b'day coming-up soon!!


one little acorn said...

Thanks for your comments...

Lilli Boo - I totally agree with you and your comments. 40 is a great age to be, I am far more switched on than when I was in my 20's and early 30's. It seems life keeps getting better and better. There are so many exciting things to do.

I guess because it is such a milestone, we start to panic about running out of time.

Claire - Happy 40th for April! Fashion is a problem I agree... do we try to stay looking young (and attempt to look good and not ridiculous the the same time) or do we just turn frump and pale purple. Certainly not ready for that!

Retired - well thank you, I had a dream last night where someone guessed my age as 28. Yes - definitely a dream that one!

Mark - does Lincolnville feel that long ago to you? In some ways it feels just like last year - in other ways - a lifetime ago! Amazing!