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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

These 3 things I know...

I know that when I do these 3 things I feel good.
When I eat well (and avoid processed and fast foods).
When I sleep well (a good 8 hours a night or undisturbed horizontal zzzz time).
When I exercise regularly.

When all three are going well, I am energised, I stay posititve, I can deal with all the morons in the world as they don't concern me, and I can generally make it through the day without a diet/zero coke caffeine fix. As an added bonus I feel good about myself and I am SO much easier to get along with. Fewer grumbles and less snappy. There are many advantages to living a life with these small ingredients thrown in for good measure.

Three small things in reality, and yet there are days when I can barely manage one. When I wake in the morning to a foggy head and no enthusiasm for the day ahead, when all I want to do is eat junk and when I curse the day I agreed to meet a friend to go walking every morning. Laziness beckons convincingly. It is easier, is it not, to live a life of ease and distraction. And so the spinning begins and before I know it, I am feeling ordinary and there doesn't seem to be light at the end of the tunnel (is it dark outside, or am I even facing in the right direction!)

Eventually I remind myself what I am doing and that how I feel is within my control. I tell myself to snap out of it. I wake myself from my daze and having reminded myself of the solution I start once again to head along the track that leads to happiness. Seriously. It is (with a little determination) that simple. These things I know...

So. Back on track for me. Time to refocus, get fit, eat well, sleep well, feel good about myself and get happy!

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Claire Falkingham said...

Oh yes, these 3 things! Sleep is a biggie for me!