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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Just call me Veruca...

While reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (and watching the movie from an early age), I have always likened myself to the character of Charlie Bucket. Perhaps because owning a chocolate factory is a dream come true, but mostly because I was always the goody goody. His honesty won him the ultimate prize and I figured being honest could make all my dreams come true.

If I am totally honest, there are elements of each character to which I could relate though not necesarily admire. Whilst Mike Teavee was the least appealing character for me (anyone so obsessed with TV and technology was never going to be a fave) I had to admire his sense of adventure! Augustus Gloop's enthusiasm of chocolate alone won me over. Once his greed took over however, he just became repulsive.

Violet Beauregarde - well she was willing to try anything... and whilst greed also became her downfall, you had to admire her curious nature.

All of the children (and ALL of their parents) were pretty obnoxious really (even Charlie I'm afraid to say) but Veruca Salt was the ultimate in the horror child category.

Veruca Salt had no redeeming features (or rather none that anyone but her adoring father could see). The spoiled brat, she demanded anything she wanted and threw tantrums until her parents acquiesced to her wishes. You could hardly blame her I suppose, given that the method worked without fail, she used it consistently with great success.

Veruca's demanding self centred characteristics are traits I don't generally admire. But yesterday I said good-bye to Charlie Bucket and I embraced the spirit of Veruca.

I had made my decision. I wanted my new computer. And given that I had waited so long to come to this conclusion... I wanted it NOW! No waiting. NOW!

And... you guessed it (power to my inner Veruca)... I wanted it. I got it. I feel like I've won the golden ticket!


Wanderer said...

Great, well done Jacinta. My niece got one late last year and she loves it. Better yet, her PC-lovin' parents are finally seeing the light!


Now where's that new model 17" MacBook Pro I have been hanging out for?

By the way, I really can't see you stamping your feet and demanding anything.

Michelle said...

Ooooh Ahhhh a nice new edition to the family. No changing nappies, just the occasional re-boot. Not much arm twisting was needed on my part I must say, I'm proud, welcome to the world of see it, like it, pay it off at high interest!

one little acorn said...

Thanks Wanderer - new mac convert. Your work is done! As for being demanding, you are (mostly) right. It takes a lot to get my feet stamping in full tantrum mode. It's rare and when it does happen - It ain't pretty!

Yes Michelle. I think my mind was already made up. Thanks for the encouragement in any case.

Malcolm said...

OMG, at least six months of contemplation (probably an underestimation), speculation and angst are finally over. As for "wanting it now!" that was just because the planets lined up. You've wanted it for as long as I've known you... It's a miracle of self restraint that it took this long!!!
PS: Can I use it later?

Mark said...

Not a tech tangent, but a Roald Dahl tangent...

I recently saw the updated version and thought it was great! I had yr 5 flash-backs of the teacher reading the book to our class. I can highly recommend the movie of "James and the Giant Peach"! By the way, I hope your new Veruca tendencies don't result in you being a self absorbed brat and taken away by some squirrels!! (by the way, macs are well designed and cool)