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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Regret is insight that comes a day too late...

The Queen of the Netherlands ship entered Port Phillip Bay just before 8am yesterday morning. Her arrival marks the imminent dredging of the bay, that for all their assurances, the government cannot possibly guarantee as environmentally sound.

Regardless of their continued talk, I don't believe them. I believe it is a disaster waiting to happen. I believe that it should not go ahead. I believe that the people who are elected to protect and support environmental issues (Peter Garrett, I'm talking to you) should be held accountable if they back down and allow this to go ahead.

Regardless of concerns from many quarters including transport, environmental, academic and community groups, I expect the dredging will go ahead.

Without doubt it is going to have an environmental impact on the area. Tearing up the ocean floor and dumping it elsewhere must have an impact. It is inevitable. There can be NO guarantees that all will be well.

Let us hope that in 10 years time (or 2 or 20) we do not look back and regret what has been allowed to happen despite our protests.

Picture from The Age website, 29/01/08. 'Regret' quote - anon.


Wanderer said...

I can't believe this project is still going ahead, despite all the concerns and community actions. I remember signing a petition 4 or more years ago when it was first proposed.

As for Peter Garrett, it makes his great stance for the environment a joke. As you say, scooping up metres of ocean floor can't possible do any good. I can't see any report, scientific or otherwise saying any good can come out of this for the environment.

Now for shipping and the economy, that's another story I'm sure, where do we draw the line?

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Dredging the ocean floor is disgusting.

Sometimes I wonder at the arrogance we have, thinking we can just rip the planet to pieces for our own personal gain.

Just so some more ships loaded up with plastic shit can sail into the port....


Leah xx