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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Must watch TV...

This program has been highly recommended by a friend who has seen it pre release and says it is a supurb, powerful documentary. I expect it to be heart wrenching, traumatic and shocking. I do however believe my friend when she says it is must watch TV for every Australian. 

I imagine it is actually important watching for people all over the world. It's showing on the ABC on Tuesday night at 8:30pm, 3 years to the day that the tragedy unfolded. I plan to be watching.


Trash said...

Oh. I would be sitting with you if I could.

one little acorn said...

Hey Trash - you may be able to watch it after the dact, on http://www.abc.net.au/iview/
Not sure if you will be able to access this, but worth a try. Often shows are available for after the air date, but not for too long. Let me know how you go.

Old Guy said...

Loved the "chooks".
Healing takes such a long time.
We will definitely talk about this programme.