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Friday, 8 June 2007

Happy long week-end

I love long week-ends...


brandy said...

Me too, even though it isn't a long weekend this weekend here. (wow, that sentence felt weird to type!) Anywho, I do hope that you have a good weekend!

andy sherburn said...

Hi Jacinta, well you are my first ever Blogger and blog! i know that makes me sound like a dinosaur! Just spend too much time in the real world and not on the net! So thanks for the invitation to visit your blog and say Hi!
Hope you and all are well and happy. Tim and I spent these last 3 days in teachings with the Dalai Lama and also lots of other friends and people were there too.
It was inspiring. I am not a Buddhist but have a great interest in understanding world religions. His holiness is truly amazing, he is so calm, funny, compassionate, humane. He inspires me to be more compassionate and work through education to develop world peace and tolerance and understanding.
We walked in the melbourne sunshine and gardens each day between teachings,,,we are so lucky to live in this beautiful city.

one little acorn said...

Had a great week-end. See my next post for all the details... Andy, I wanted to go and see the Dalai Lama however with other plans I didn't manage it. I have no doubt it was a life changing experience. Would love to catch up and hear all about it!

Purely by chance I saw him as he was being police escorted to Rod Laver Arena. Following was a bus of monks. Quite the entourage!