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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

OK - it's official. I'm bored...

So I’m bored.
This is not just a spare moment in the day when it occurs to me I am uninspired and wish I was anywhere but here (though this is certainly the case). Oh no. This is SO much more than that!

I am bored. Groundhog day, what else can I eat? who else can I call? what would I like to be doing other that this? What is Paris Hilton doing at the moment? Who left that cup in the staff kitchen sink? BORED.

Bored bored bored bored (pause) bored bored bored!
How many Beatles songs can I list? What time will my next job land on my desk? Who will be the first to speak? How long will Matt be on his next call for? What time will I be able to leave today? Would anyone notice if I disappeared for half an hour? What made that mark on my sleeve? Bored.

Beee Ohhh aaaahhhh eeeeee dddeeee

Is that how you spell bored? Am I going crazy?
No – just bored.


Malcolm said...

22 minutes to 5pm... My guess is that it will get busy in about ten minutes! Then you will just be frustrated again... Try to stay sane...

one little acorn said...

4 minutes to go... I think I can make it. Seriously though, if anyone comes near me, I will advise they return in the morning. Besides up until 5 I will be hiding under my desk. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Your bored! Think about all that you have done and are about to do. Think hard, we might do a trip some time. US CAN FIN rivers whales! You show me!